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Mili- tropical girl :) | 26 comments anyone for historical fic
talk about it/them

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Trudi Hauxwell There's plenty of Historical Fiction on WP but it's a difficult genre to get traction in on Wattpad. The Wattpad reader demographic seems to prefer contemporary teen fiction.

Anyway, should there be any fellow history buffs on GR here's mine:

Busy My Heart - http://www.wattpad.com/story/2526388-...

Historical fiction / Mystery

May 1918, William Emery and his niece Lilly Cousens are invited by Emery's old friend Baronet Edgar Verney to excavate an ancient burial mound on his Suffolk Estate. The Verney family has been devastated by the First World War. Verney's two eldest sons have both been killed. Only the youngest son, Freddy has returned from the front, alive but deeply damaged by his experience. As the excavation of the ancient warrior's tomb progresses Lilly finds herself torn between her desire for academic recognition, her grief at the death of her own brother and her growing affection for the shell shocked young soldier who is now sole heir to the Verney estate.

Freddy Verney has returned to a family home that holds only bitter memories of a life that is now lost to him and a father who resents his survival. Unable to face his family his attempts to find solitude are constantly thwarted by the presence of the unconventional Lilly Cousens. As he finds himself increasingly captivated by the inquisitive young academic he realises that a terrible danger has followed him back from France and that if he wants to protect Lilly from a horrible fate he will have to find his courage once more and fight to save her.

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