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message 1: by Graham (new)

Graham | 99 comments Hi all,

I thought I'd make a thread where we can all share the current promotional deals we are running on our books, so I'll start with mine - The $2.99 sale of my best selling book about my battle with mental illness ends at the end of September, so if you're looking for a good, honest read at a good price, now is the time :)

message 2: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Hinkinson (andrewhinkinson) | 1 comments Thanks Graham, for starting the thread. Appreciated.

I'm running a three-day promotion on my adults-only comedy novel, WOOF!, this weekend. There's an events page for it here on Goodreads:


If you like modern Family Guy-type humour, WOOF! might be the funniest and most outrageous novel you’ve ever read. Download the free sample and if you’re not laughing by the end of it, don’t bother with the rest. If you do, be certain of this: the laughter and insanity continues on every page when you buy the book.

This barking mad story is set in Manchester. The year is 1992. WOOF! revolves around Peter and his friends Derek, Kate, Sophia and Fatima. They’re putting on a play for the course they’re doing at the polytechnic. Only, the playwright thinks it’s quite probably the worst student play ever. And there have been some stinkers. He’s working with a chain-smoking gothic diva, a perpetual stoner, a director who likes Elaine Paige and a nymphomaniac, polyamorous self-harmer.

What could possibly go wrong?

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