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Heartbroken I was bored. fun fun.

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Heartbroken She was woke up by a car driving off. It took her a minute to think of what that was. It was her parents driving off to some place she didn't know. The only thing she knew about her parents was that they sent money every month came home for a week if she was lucky then leave again when she was asleep. They stayed for that rare week. She looked at the clock. It was 3 in the morning. Today school started up again. The school was getting repainted so the whole school got time off.
Belle was staring out the window thinking. She decided to get up and get ready. She was going to cook some food for her neighbors. Their mom was just in a car crash so she needed some help. Belle felt like today was going to be different and with that she got up and jumped in the shower.

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Greg Owens | 6 comments Aselem came to the door and knocked once then waited for a response

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Heartbroken She heard the knock and hurried to get out and put her robe on. She ran down the stairs and opened the door. There stood a good looking guy. She just wondered what he wanted. "Hi is there a problem or is there something I could do for you" Belle smiled at him.

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Kira stared at her math book for a while longer. She was surprised drool wasnt dripping from her mouth, she hated the subject. She would have screamed and tossed the book across hte room, but she was in the library, slowly she gathered her things and walked out to her car, needing ice cream.

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