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message 1: by Becca (new)

Becca (Becca_Canote) | 101 comments We've transformed our interview show into a bi-monthly Guide to the Author! The new format is designed to get you better acquainted with our guests, their works, and things like how a family legend about hillbilly spelunkers inspired a novella.

We kick off the new format with Southern Gothic specialist and steampunk extraordinaire, Cherie Priest!

Also be sure to catch our Book Club wrap-up episode posting today, as we're finishing up our latest pic, Asimov's Foundation.

Joe Informatico (joeinformatico) | 866 comments Great interview, guys! And great guest: Cherie Priest always has something new and interesting to talk about.

message 3: by Rob, Roberator (new)

Rob (robzak) | 5137 comments Mod
I like the new-new-new? format. Really I like that you guys keep tweaking it and making it better. As someone who wasn't familiar with Cherie Priest, it was nice to have the little overview.

message 4: by David Sven (new)

David Sven (Gorro) | 1582 comments Great interview with Cherie. But also great whiteboard review about Cherie. Love your work Aaron.

message 5: by P. Aaron (last edited Sep 28, 2012 05:54PM) (new)

P. Aaron Potter (PAaronPotter) | 585 comments Thanks, David. I wasn't sure whether to go for an overview of the works or an author bio. I was afraid bio might step on Tom & V's territory, but I'm too much a dabbler in biographical criticism to entirely skip it. Hopefully the hybrid approach was entertaining. I'm happy to take criticism, suggestions, or requests.

message 6: by Casey (new)

Casey Hampton (caseyhampton) | 654 comments David Sven wrote: "Great interview with Cherie. But also great whiteboard review about Cherie. Love your work Aaron."

Couldn't say it any better than David Sven.
I'm glad you are going to keep making those whiteboards Aaron!
Thanks for making the day better man.

message 7: by Bob (new)

Bob Chadwick | 37 comments Love the new format. Felt a little more... personal? Also Mrs. Priest was cool to. All I read is Boneshaker so far but it reminded me to add her stuff to my To Read list. I want more Steampunk and of she is the reason for it then she is awesome. I read all of the Parasol Protectorate and loved those but I wanted more dirigibles. Sounds like more Priest is the answer to that.

message 8: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 700 comments Liking the new format. Real interesting episode guys!

message 9: by Kris (last edited Sep 30, 2012 08:41AM) (new)

Kris (KVolk) | 797 comments Interesting interview with an author I knew nothing about until now but will check her out...invite to the "Space Castle" made me did the reptile coach in the credits

message 10: by Sara (new)

Sara (medusasmirror) | 43 comments Bob wrote: " I want more Steampunk" you might also like The Detective, it's a closed room mystery on an airship.

message 11: by bookthump (new)

bookthump | 44 comments I really enjoyed this Author Guide episode. This was my introduction to Cherie Priest and enjoyed the interview so much that I did a bit of research about her on the Internets. I have since put her debut, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, as well as Boneshaker on my wish list.

Great whiteboard, too, Aaron!

Thank you for the introduction to a new author, Sword & Laser. This is why I love this group.

message 12: by Chris (new)

Chris (mrwednesday) | 21 comments Can anyone tell me where Tom got the "Jaynestown" shirt?

message 13: by Neil (new)

Neil | 165 comments Chris wrote: "Can anyone tell me where Tom got the "Jaynestown" shirt?"

message 14: by Susan (new)

Susan (susieblu) | 34 comments I loved the show. Mrs. Priest is amazing. I picked up Boneshaker randomly and fell in love with her world. I really connected with it because of the Seatle Unergroucd, which I took the tour of, so I could really see her setting. Her entire Clockwork Century books is what really got me into steampunk. I just can't get enough. Really looking forward to the next books and the movie (squee).

message 15: by Tom, Supreme Laser (new)

Tom Merritt (tommerritt) | 1016 comments Mod
Neil wrote: "Chris wrote: "Can anyone tell me where Tom got the "Jaynestown" shirt?""

I got the Jaynestown shirt at Dragon*Con 2011, but ThinkGeek works too!

message 16: by Walter (new)

Walter Spence (WalterSpence) | 707 comments Also enjoyed the new format, though it must be said that Ms. Priest gave good interview. One of the things I am truly enjoying about Sword and Laser is how many authors it is introducing me to whom I was unaware of before now (up until recently I have primarily hung out in the various SFWA groups over at, where many of the old GEnie folks went when General Electric pulled the plug on that service.)

Have been chatting up both Goodreads and Sword & Laser thereabouts, though, so perhaps more of them will come visit.

And once again, great whiteboard video, Aaron.

message 17: by Daran (new)

Daran | 599 comments I've read reviews of her work in the past, but the interview and overview got me to go get some of her work. I think that argues favorably for the new format.

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