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In Last Sacrifice, what your favorite Rose and Dimitri moment?

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Alexis I loved all of the Rose Dimitri moments, but some of them stuck out. I loved when Rose had a spirit dream with Sonya and she told her that her and Dimitri's aura's were exceptionally bright around each other.
I loved when they were in the motel and Rose kissed Dimitri and then punched him to escape from him.
I loved how Dimitri tried to lunge in front of Rose when she was shot.
I liked it when they were in the tent and Dimitri didn't know he was laying against Rose when she was holding him.

Kristin To be honest, the moment in the entire series that sticks out the most to me is at the very end when Adrian is yelling at Rose. I finished the story some time ago and that is the moment that I remember.

Alexis I didn't like that Rose cheated on Adrian, but I don't think she could have helped it. Well, she could. She should have broken off with him in the spirit dream and instead she didn't. That made me mad, but I am glad that Adran got Sydney and Rose got Dimitri.

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