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Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
Just a couple days before we start, feel free to discuss the cover, author, expectations for the book etc.....

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments The cover looks well done at least. Hopefully the author put a lot of time into writing this book. I haven't read or even heard of this author so I don't know what to expect. The plot seems interesting though it's a bit different then what i normally would go to read.

Here's hoping we go 2-2 on books.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
This is his first and only novel so that kind of worries me but I have read alot of debut novels I love to though. And on the plus side it is not self published and it has high reviews both on Amazon and here on goodreads.

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments Yea, i saw that about the reviews though VotD had high reviews too and look how that turned out.

I went ahead and bought the book and will start it probably sunday.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
Yea but votd has 83 votes and this one has 213 so that makes a difference to.

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments So far not bad. Finished with the first 25% just now. The writing is much better then what we saw in VotD and Psych Ward Killer...a lot better. The story is kind of slow at first, but in the last little bit got much better once the vampire kid shows up. Now stuff seems to be going pretty well.

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments Is anyone else reading this?

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
Yea just hit 25% tonight at work, figured I would let it sit a little bit and comment in the morning first impression is I like it and its alot better written then the last one but it got kind of weird right at the end of the 25%. What exactly was the lady with the tail supposed to be and why is she screwing her great great great great grandson? I like that it is a little darker than all our other books we have read alot more thriller than horror and this book is darker than I expected.

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments I dunno either about that lady with the tail. I figure since they had vampires so why not demons and witches and the like? I figure Sarah is going to be some kind of witch or something because of her "visions" and dreams.

Yea i wasn't sure about it at first, but once it got going and got a little darker i'm liking it a bit more.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
yea she is probably going to be some kind of witch i am sure. i am just hoping it dont get to weird i like witchcraft books and werwolf books and vampire books and all the others but when an author trys to pack them all into one book i dont care for it.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
Well on to 50% looks like it is just the two of us. I forgot to invite people who marked the book as 'to read' to join our discussion this month.

message 12: by Matt (new) - rated it 4 stars

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments Read to 50% today at work. Book is still going pretty good. You get a little more background on Alex and his family, the vampire Mr. Nasir, and some information on Sarah's family as well as her Father's involvement in some of the supernatural stuff. I like how he (the author) is connecting all this stuff together and finally got more into what this is all about (Arch Angel Gabriel's horn).

Definitely still liking how it's written and the characters at least have some depth to them (unlike a couple of the books we've read so far).

Really the only thing that turns me a little off is the time period of the book. It's not bad, i just don't normally read a lot of books set in the early 1900s or even before that for that matter really.

Overall a pretty good read so far. If i had to rate the book right now after 50% i'd give it a 3.5-4 rating (if we could give half star ratings that is).

Johnny | 57 comments I'm reading this as well, I read it up to 25% last week Monday but I was in Austria for a week so couldn't get online. I share both your feelings on this book and don't really have anything more to add at this point. I'm of the opinion it's more of a young adult horror novel. That tail lady was a bit weird and sudden indeed. That dream about the monster in the tree reminded me of one of Anne Rice's vampire chronicles in which one of the vampires is living as some kind of deity in a tree (I think it's Mael). I'll start reading the second quarter later today.

Johnny | 57 comments Okay, reached 50%. Right, so Betty is the demon Parris sold his soul to to gain power.

What's with all the gun-toting? How old are these kids supposed to be again?

I wonder why this time period is important. Why did Gavin choose 1913?

That horn could be a good McGuffin for an Indiana Jones movie.

Scott Harris (ttownscott) | 452 comments I'm at 9% this morning. I see some of you are at 25% and 50%. I'll try to catch up at lunch and my commute home. So far I hope this isn't a YA novel. I don't think it is though. The first death was horrific!

message 16: by Matt (new) - rated it 4 stars

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments Yea the main characters are kids, but it does have some more non-YA type stuff in it.

I think back in the day kids and guns probably weren't as big a deal as they are nowadays. At least I imagine so from other stuff i've read.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
Yea same with drinking.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
The place and time is just because it deals with witchcraft and sorcery and stuff that was more common then. I think he could of made it in the present but it wouldn't of worked as well. Also I think Sara and Alex are both from family bloodlines with sorcery in there blood and that s why there famailys are so set on them not being together, it may end up being a bloodline that died out in that time frame and that's why witchcraft is no longer as commonly excepted now as it was back then kind of thing.

message 19: by Justin (last edited Oct 12, 2012 08:55AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
I must of missed the part about him selling his soul to the demon for power but that makes sense, I was wondering what that was all about.

message 20: by Matt (new) - rated it 4 stars

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments Done with the next set of 25%. Not bad. The story escalates pretty well and I am wondering how it's going to end. A lot more with the magic stuff.

Still liking it so far. Still keeping a minimum 4 star rating at the moment.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
I am not liking the Egyption goods and hope they dont play to big a part in it, also the talking picture was kind of weird. That aside it is a decent story and I am enjoying it even though Alex is starting to become a little less likable and I hope him and Sara end up together.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
I like all the magic though the thing with the house made of Sara's dead brothers excavated corps is kind of cool.

message 23: by Matt (new) - rated it 4 stars

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments just finished reading it. good book overall, but im not quite happy with the ending. ill elaborate more on it when I get home (typing on my phone atm).

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
I just changed it to 100% I am at about 80% but I may finish it tonight.

Scott Harris (ttownscott) | 452 comments Ended up being just to YA for me. Everything just clicked in place for these kids. Too many coincidences and they were operating way beyond their ability. I did think that Nasir made a good vampire. Was not at all surprised about the revelation of Alex's grandfather. It was a fun read though.

message 26: by Matt (new) - rated it 4 stars

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments Yea it was a bit of young adult book and i guess they could have had a little more trouble getting things done. This was still a decent read especially compared to a couple of the other books we've read here so far for this group.

I wasn't surprised by who Alex's grandfather was. I figured he had a least some link after he gave Alex the pendant thing.

Nasir was a good vampire though I wasn't big on the Painted Man. The dung beetle one was more comical in how Nasir talked about him and stuff.

When i reached the end I was a little disappointed. It just didn't seem quite right to me. I can't put my finger on it just yet, but there was just something about it that doesn't sit right with me at the moment.

I wonder if he's planning some kind of sequel. The way it ended there could be I guess since there was one or two things kind of unresolved not related to the main story of this particular book.

Johnny | 57 comments Starting the last quarter today.

(Mm, looks like I got my weeks mixed up for this. I always seem to be a week behind. I thought we started reading on the first of the month, but now it looks like many already discuss the first quarter on the first of the month, meaning they were able to read that whole part in one day, or already started reading in the last week of the previous month.)

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
Most usually it will only take a day or two to read 25% and by midweek everyone has said what they want to say and the discussion is dead. Once no one has made a comment for a couple days I will start in on the next quarter and be ready when the spoiler warning changes every Sunday night.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
The only rule is not to post spoilers past past the spoiler warning in the title and that changes every Sunday night.

Justin (justineaton) | 3488 comments Mod
I just finished it, this wasn't really my kind of story but I did like some of the magic stuff. The ending was a little to weird though and In the last 25% I decided to lower it from a 3 star to a 2 star. There is just so much I didn't understand I don't know where to start. I don't mind ya novels every once in a while so the ya aspects of the story are not what bothered me I think part of it was just all the stuff going on at once with vampires and witchcraft and Egyptian goods and talking paintings and sucubi I have never really liked stories with more than one or two monsters/fictional being. Even with a 2 star rating this is my second favorite book so far for this group.

message 31: by Matt (new) - rated it 4 stars

Matt (Nemesis0) | 399 comments Yea i wasn't too up with that other dimension kind of thing at the end. It was a little odd. The ending could have been better.

Definitely a pretty well written novel, I had no problems with the way it was written. Much of an improvement over last months novel.

As for our reads i'd rate them so far

1. Shades
2. The Darkening Dream
3. Psych Ward Killer
4. Voyage of the Dead

Johnny | 57 comments Finished it as well. I was doubting between three or four stars. I finally ended up giving it four because I think I would have liked the book better if I'd read it in print and in one go. I liked the writing, the characters, the only thing that really bothered me was their sudden obsession with sex. The YA element didn't bother me either, it was just a surprise. Usually I like YA novels. I didn't have a problem with the "other realm", it's like I've seen it before but I don't recall where. Yes, at several points it does feel there are too many characters being juggled around, but it was still of an acceptable level. I think I've read somewhere this is supposed to become a trilogy? Perhaps they'll be featured more in detail then?

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