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message 1: by Dawn (new)

Dawn VanLerberghe | 10 comments Mod
So tell me what you think of the Leisure Reading class after a full week. I know the Friday thing may get long if I do the same thing each time, but I promise I won't. Do you think you will lose interest in reading four days a week? Are there certain things that you would like to see done, changed, or addressed? How about the Friday Books and Bites? Please provide feed back.

I would also like you to start new threads here. Is there some book that many of you have read, besides Twilight that you want to discuss? The more involved we are here, the lighter our Fridays can be.

message 2: by Jesyka (new)

Jesyka | 4 comments The only thing that would really make me lose interest in reading is always writing a journal after i read. It's like if I'm at a really good part in the book and i don't want to stop and put it down and write about it.It kind of ruins reading for me.

message 3: by Dawn (new)

Dawn VanLerberghe | 10 comments Mod
If that's the case, then how would you suggest that I assess or evaluate you? I am open for ideas, but I will need some proof that you are reading. Is it just because you are not used to writing in the journals? Do you think that it will become more comfortable after a while?

Let's hear your ideas.

message 4: by Jesyka (new)

Jesyka | 4 comments i have thought about this and im not sure myself in what other ways you could evaluate me. I no that some other people in the class agree with me though. I guess technically though I'm not used to writing journals, so maybe that could be my problem. It's just that sometimes, like in this case I'm reading twilight, i get so caught up in what is going on in the book that I just hate to put it down.

message 5: by Alishal (new)

Alishal | 7 comments I don't know if I like writing in a journal either because i cannot explain things that well as i think what i want to write is not how it comes out!!!!

message 6: by Alishal (new)

Alishal | 7 comments You should see how many people have read outlander or any other fantasy novel.

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