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It's 5389, the world got destroyed by a third world got rebuilt in a better way, with more technoligies, but tyrants dominate. There are rebels in the underground but what can they do against the powerful rulers of the world? Hope seems lost but there are four that are destinied to control the elements and to restore balance to the world...

It's basically just a futuristic story, with all the high-tech stuff you can think of, and there are tyrants who control every step you take and you are not allowed to do anything they don't allow and the people aren't free, so there are rebels who want to take the tyrants down, but it doesn't seem to work, but there are four Chosen and each of them controls one element and they are destinied to take the tyrants down.

(There are basically six rebel groups, all located in another continent, so there is the Northern Group, it's in North America, then there's the Southern Group, it's in South America, then there's the Europe Group, it's obviously in Europe, then there's the African Group and it's in Africa, then there's the Asian Group and it's in Asia and lastly there's the Australien Group, the smallest of all and it's in Australia

((credit to Megan for this!))

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Thats cool!

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Lol it was your idea! :)

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