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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian | 31 comments Mod
Discussion of pages 201-250

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian | 31 comments Mod
I'm seeing some parallels between Dhalgren and Dark City. Of course Dark City lacks the verbal complexity of Dhalgren, but the concept of a sealed (?) city and it's unwitting (but suspecting) inhabitants seems to run through both works. Has anyone here seen that movie? What do you think?

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma Glaisher | 17 comments I love Dark City, seen it twice but not recently. Due a re-watch... and surprise surprise it's not available on Netflix! Yes, there's a similar feel, especially the amnesia aspect.

message 4: by David (new)

David Merrill | 35 comments I haven't seen Dark City in a long time. I'll have to check it out. I'm about half way through this section. We get more about the Richards family and Kidd delivers the poster of George Harrison to June, unfortunately Bobby almost sees it. I love the scene where Kidd smokes a bong with Thirteen, Nightmare and Denny where pieces of words repeat and echo. Delany could have described what was happening, but instead, he mimics what's going on in Kidd's head with the words. Awesome stuff.

message 5: by David (last edited Oct 12, 2012 09:20PM) (new)

David Merrill | 35 comments Today I came across a reference to WBAI radio in NYC and KPFA in California. These radio stations meant nothing to me the other times I read the book. I guess I probably even thought they might be made up. What goes around comes around and today my car radio is fixed on WBAI most of the time and I'm very much aware of her sister station KPFA. Pretty cool.

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