Aiossa's 12/13 Senior English Class discussion

Kristin Boelter

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Kristin Boelter | 5 comments Over the summer, I read Little Bee by Chris Cleave. This novel was spoken through two different points of view, Little Bee and Sarah; They tell readers their memory of their background and Little Bee's story in increments. Although it was graphic, intense, and unforgettable at times, I only gave it three stars. I wasn't able to truly get into the book, until about 80 pages in, it was all boring background information that did not catch my attention. After awhile, i found the true meaning of the book when Little Bee stated, "A scar does not form on the dying. A scar means I survived." (Cleave 173). Throughout the novel, metaphors, smilies, and hyperboles are used, but not always in a humorous way. I recommend this book to those who enjoy history and are not as knowledgeable in how different countries treat different people. This book will open up your eyes to a completely different world and things that you would never have thought to exist. Its truly an astonishing realization.

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Tessa Aiossa (MissAiossa) | 12 comments Mod
I felt the same way! Watch for grammar errors/capitalization, Kristin!

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