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Erik Cervantes book review 1

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Erik Cervantes Jake Epping a.k.a. George Amberson.and really the rabbit hole is a huge thing in the story line which is explained in the story early on. and there are a lot of things i cant tell because they are sharp story turns and twists. but to sum it up a story of violence love and a writer living in the past. and i would rate this book 5 starts simply amazing. it makes you want to laugh cry keep reading it keeps you griped to the last page and you want more at the end. " she was the love of my life and I lost her she got caught in the machine and it was my fault"(king,pg 834) that hits home with me because i lost my now ex girlfriend because her ex and i were fighting i lost her and i cant get her back because she wont take me back she got caught in our "machine". the book relates to class because the book is written like a memoir if you read carefully because it says in quotes stuff like" though it was my imagination" and we are going to be writing memoirs shortly in class so it links and i never thought a memoir could be so interesting. and i would recommend this book to Mr.Dixon I believe if he could get into the book he would enjoy it plus it would give him practice reading a senior level book and it would fulfill his reading needs for this quarters reading guidelines.

Carl Stephen king can do no wrong!

Stephanie Carl wrote: "Stephen king can do no wrong!"

Agreed. :)

Ryshia Kennie It was one of those books I made myself read slow, even though it was no short read, I wanted to make it last - didn't want to see the end.

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