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Book Purchase Rules?

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message 1: by Deva (new)

Deva (DevaParanormal) | 945 comments Mod
Do you have rules when purchasing books? I'm wondering if I'm not the only weirdo out there, lol.

Their is a book I'm interested in, Boyfriend from Hell, and it is $7.99 for the Kindle version. Usually that's no problem and I have purchased many at that price BUT ... The ones I've purchased at that price are authors I'm familiar with.

I realized earlier today that I don't ever purchase books at full price if it's an author I'm unfamiliar with. I just kind of wait until the price goes down or I request a book for my birthday when people ask me what I want, lol.

Am I the only weirdo with rules like that? Please don't say yes ........

message 2: by ☺~Tina~☺ (last edited Sep 26, 2012 03:42PM) (new)

☺~Tina~☺ (Tina007) | 65 comments Nope. I don't pay $7.99 for an ebook. I use to but that got expensive real quick. Now if it's $7.99 I'll wait for a price drop, get it from the library or do without.
The only way I will pay that much for a book is it has to be a long one (not 200 pgs or less), by an author I like and has great reviews (and it has to meet all of these criteria, not one or two) . I won't even pay that much for the series I love!

I was paying for these books and I'm sure you know how my books is in the Blackdagger Brother hood and paranormal series. They can go on forever. I like the Anita Blake series and though I started out paying for them I quickly stopped because it's already up to what 20 or 21 books? That's over $160.00 minimum, for ebooks? Nah, I'll pass or wait.

message 3: by Deva (new)

Deva (DevaParanormal) | 945 comments Mod
Yea. I stopped with the BDB books on Kindle because the price got ridiculous. My friend and I do book (or entire Kindle) lending so I read it that way, lol.

Is it easy to do the library thing for ebooks?

message 4: by ☺~Tina~☺ (new)

☺~Tina~☺ (Tina007) | 65 comments Yes. Very simple. Most of them are automatic Kindle downloads so all you have to do is check it out, then when you download, it takes you to the Amazon page. It will ask you to click to check out your book and the rest happens like any other Amazon ebook.

Lately, I've been seeing at the library they download ONLY by USB and that is simple too, I just save those and the PDF ones to my desktop, connect my Kindle and drag and drop them.

If they don't have them in ebook I just get the paperback. If they don't have it I request an inter library loan or request them to buy it. Most cases if they have already started the series they will buy the book.

message 5: by The Charmer: Lets Talk About Books (last edited Oct 01, 2012 07:14PM) (new)

The Charmer: Lets Talk About Books | 29 comments There are a lot of books I'm interested in readin but the prices are just ridiculous. These books sadly to say, are by AA authors. I found several on Amazon that were 20 or 50 pages for $7 to $10 bucks. I want to support AA authors, but with these prices I cannot.

Deva wrote: "Yea. I stopped with the BDB books on Kindle because the price got ridiculous. My friend and I do book (or entire Kindle) lending so I read it that way, lol.

Is it easy to do the library thing for ...

Deva, I won't be buyin anymore BDB books,either. I'll just get my library to order it. I get em to do it often.

message 6: by Deva (new)

Deva (DevaParanormal) | 945 comments Mod
What a great idea. I'll check my library and continue that way.

message 7: by CheeseAssasin (new)

CheeseAssasin (Makefetch) | 78 comments $5 is the magic price for me. I might go up to $9.99 if I am really keen to read the book immediately.

In general ebooks cost too much. Until the publishing industry wakes the f-up and starts lowering prices, I will happily jog my butt down to the library (or even better, check out my library's collection of ebooks.)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) (Gatadelafuente) | 200 comments I don't buy ebooks that cost more than $5 as a rule. I have a couple exceptions (but very rare). I prefer having books in print, so I will usually try to get a book in that format, especially if it's by a favorite author in a must-read series.

I try to get books on sale at Walmart or on if I can. I will buy paperbacks at Barnes and Noble using my discount.

The Charmer: Lets Talk About Books | 29 comments I came across one last night, it was 10 pg and cost $3 bucks. Smh

message 10: by Ezinwanyi (new)

Ezinwanyi | 130 comments ~The Charmer~ wrote: "I came across one last night, it was 10 pg and cost $3 bucks. Smh"

Charmer, your avatar is scary (LOL). But 10 pages for $3.99 is INSANE.

I don't mind paying for an author I like. For instance, I bought Lover Reborn by JR Ward for $14.99. Also, Fair Game by Patricia Briggs.

I won't pay more than $7.99 ebook for an author I am unfamiliar with.

My only book rule is NEVER buy more than 2 books in an untested series again.
When I first started reading PNR, I started with BDB. After I read Dark Lover and Lover Eternal, they didn't have Lover Awakened at Half price book stores. So when I did find a half price that had the rest, I bought all of them through Lover Avenged. That was fine.

when I saw Dark Hunters and IAD, I bought the first 8 books in paper back. Well, I didn't enjoy those series and didn't read past book 3 on both, so the rest of the series in on my kindle.
(I will try them again in a group read at Gotta Have)

Then I bought Undead and Unwed because Mary Jane Davidson was supposed to be funny. Well, I hated Book 1, and so there are 6 books on mys kindle that I have no plans to ever touch again.

so now, I will try book one, but buy only two books at the most until I am sure I will like the series.

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