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message 1: by Stefan (new)

Stefan (stefan44) I enjoyed a novel of his I read recently, Armageddon. I enjoyed that particular novel because I've always found the German situation before, during, and after World War Two to be fascinating. Leon Uris's ability to write long, epic novels heavy on dialogue, settings, characters, back-stories, and conflict, while also keep the reader's attention is most admirable.

message 2: by Stefan (new)

Stefan (stefan44) Juliet wrote: "I completely agree with you. Many times, as I read his books, am I amazed that he has not given up. I also enjoy his back-stories a lot. It helps me get to know the character a lot better than if I..."
The novel deals primarily with the fall of Berlin, and the latter half of the book deals with Soviet-Allied relations and the Berlin airlift. I enjoyed it, because Uris put a human face on the airlift (which was one of the greatest peacetime operations ever attempted by the United States of America.) Having German heritage helped me appreciate the famous defiance of Berliners, as Uris nicely articulates.

message 3: by Dayna (new)

Dayna | 2 comments I have only ever read Mila 18 and Exodus. I loved Mila 18, but that was partly because I had a previous fascination with the Warsaw Ghetto, and I was reading it with a friend. Exodus I didn't like so much. I found most of it to be dry and tedious. The characters weren't as engaging, and their relationships weren't as believable. As least, not to me.

message 4: by Beverley (new)

Beverley (beverleyongoodreads) I've just read Exodus, It took me months to read, but it was pretty good! The interesting parts sparked me to be "on a roll" then it got boring, so I put it aside for a while. I finished a lot of books while reading Exodus!

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