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I'm currently writing the sequel to "Myriad," called "Tanner" (Tanner is the name of an important character). I've never written a sequel before, and am finding it very challenging. I've written 14 chapters, and have carefully plotted the rest. I'm thinking there's about 5 chapters to go, and there has to be an epilogue.

Here's the blurb:

Kalin is looking forward to his future with Regina, and finding out where his path lies. Then a new danger disrupts the life of him and his friends. Lisandra is a dark witch, experienced in using the worst kind of magic. After forever damaging the lives of two in the group, she's returned, and has a plan which could lead to the deaths of many in Prentor. The group is determined to stop Lisandra, not only to save the lives of strangers, but to help get Mark's brother, Tanner, out of her clutches. But can Mark and Sasha ever forgive Tanner for what he's done to them?

I've had to chop and change a lot of it as I go. Change how a chapter ends when I realize the next chapter doesn't work at all, change a certain part of the plot when I realize it makes everything too complicated. I think, in the end, it will work, but the first draft is a bit of a mess. The editing process will be very difficult. Much more difficult than it was with "Myriad." It's already longer than Myriad, and it's not finished yet :) Hopefully it all works out.


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An interesting note about Myriad, which I hope you don't mind that I mention. I wrote the first draft years ago, when I was about 20. It was the worst thing in the world. I wrote a second draft maybe a year after that when I joined a writer's group, and it was basically a total rewrite. Still very bad. I wrote a lot of other things, then abandoned writing fiction altogether.

Then, over 10 years later, I went back to Myriad, and rewrote it from scratch. I didn't even look at the earlier drafts (I took a quick peek, and ran away). I wrote the first four chapters 3 times. Then the rest seemed to flow, and worked quite well.

If I hadn't had all those years of writing complete drivel, I wouldn't be able to write well now. I don't know how a teenager can write a great book - I needed years of trying first. I use the website Wattpad, where people share their work for free, and I read some quite good stuff by teenagers (and a lot of crap). But I couldn't do it well back then. I needed the practice, and to write rubbish first. I think it's a positive - if someone's meant to be a writer, then I think it'll happen, even if it starts off badly. If it's meant to happen, it will :)


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I finally finished the sequel to Myriad! There ended up being 19 chapters, like I thought, but no epilogue like I'd originally planned. I mostly like it, but really need a lot of distance from it before I edit. The main thing bothering me is the last chapter, which I think is too saccharine. I may have to rewrite it in case it's way, way too happy. I don't want to make people vomit. That would be bad.

It ended up being 40,000 words, but the first book was only 26,000 words. I didn't plan that, it just happened. There will be one more in the series, I think, but each book has a complete ending. They need to be read one after the other, though - they aren't stand alone books.

Anyway, when I finally release this book, as well as the other novella I finished a while ago, then I'll have three books out, and hopefully will make some sales. I'll try to make Myriad free again, once the sequel is released.


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I just redesigned the cover to "Tanner." What do you think?

The first cover was bad. Very, very, very bad :) Am working on editing Tanner now, and will try to have someone do a beta read after I've gone over it some more. Have already changes loads of it as I've edited. Hard work!

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Jeffrey Poole (Jaymikal) | 2287 comments Mod
I like the cover, Mona! Has a sinister and foreboding feel about it!

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Thanks Jeffrey, I'm glad you like the cover. I think it suits the story.

Mary, thanks for writing a review for Myriad. I'm so glad you liked it, and appreciate you posting the review on Amazon. My first Amazon review for it! I have a couple on Amazon UK, but not

I'd really love you to do a beta read. I've used Trish Kristufek in the past, and will ask her again because she does an amazing job, but I'd love your feedback, too. I should be finished with the draft soon, and then I wouldn't need your feedback until March, as that's when I'm hoping to publish it. I'll contact you when I'm ready to see if you're able to look at it. I'm glad you like the cover for the sequel! Hopefully you'll think the book is okay :)

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Mary, I sent you a message about the beta read :)

Thanks, Mona

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