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The discussion folder for the novel Graffiti Heaven.

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Peyrac wrote: "Well, reading that one already. I must say I can only stomach a few pages per sitting. It is really harsh going."

Behind the Hood is much harsher, but that's adult, even though many were classing it as YA/MA. Graffiti Heaven is a tamer version.

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I didn't think it was harsh going at all, I couldn't get enough of it, but maybe it's a cultural thing. I'm a New Zealander, and know about such stories as Once Were Warriors. But it was definitely intense.

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:) Charles Dickens. I haven't read any of his books, but I like the movie Oliver Twist. Seen different renditions of the scrooge story too. I'm more into Shakespeare (LOVE talking about his work). Did you read Nicholas Dane? I think I might have seen you talk about it somewhere. I loved that book. It reminded me of Graffiti Heaven in a way, the bullying and something else in the storyline that I won't mention in case you haven't come to it. I thought that book was depressing as hell, but wanted to keep reading it because I loved Nicholas Dane and was hoping everything turned out for him. In a way I suppose it did with him getting out, but it's also depressing that he still had those horrible things done to him. How can someone get over that? I remember his crying and breaking down when he has a partner. He reminded me of Ash.

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That blond boy in Nicholas Dane made me so sad.

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Peyrac wrote: "Yes, I read Nicholas Dane, but it did not pull me down at all. I liked it quite a bit and there was a mood of battling the odds and overcoming them, of something positive and hopeful in it at all t..."

I felt depressed by another New Zealand book called Once Were Warriors. That one really depressed me to the point that I couldn't keep reading, plus the style was really hard to get through (But I loved the movie, because it was so powerful).

I haven't read Holocaust literature, but I know of Sophie's Choice. Haven't seen the movie, but someone told me about it, and I decided I couldn't stomach watching it. For Graffiti Heaven, I'm not sure it is that depressing, because there are a number of funny moments. I agree, there is a lot of tragedy too, but I think the way the kids were trying to help Ash was nice, those bits were uplifting. And the books ends on a hopeful note. I think it would be a good book for kids who have been through hard times and that there are other answers to suicide, that there are people who care about them and are willing to help them. I also like how Tiana becomes stronger through the book, at the beginning she lets people step all over her, but she gets a backbone and starts standing up for herself, shocking people. I also like the discussion between her and Joel about homophobia.

One thing, I would definitely not walk through South Auckland at night like those kids do, but that's their neighbourhood, not mine. lol, that's funny, I'm talking like they are real and not fictional characters.

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