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Jane (PS) | 13863 comments MARCH Newsletter

March Monthly Challenges - the usual suspects
March 2014 Monthly Challenge with MountainKat
Read the Month in Welsh - March with Zara
Pick It For Me! March with Gigi. Sign up closes 22 Feb 8pm US EST - so hurry!
Featured Author - Erin McCarthy with KarenH.

Current Stuff
Everyone (well, quite a few of you) has voted for a March 'sports' themed buddy read, organised by Fran. We are reading Offside (The Barker Triplets, #1) by Juliana StoneOffside. To join in buddy read with Fran, click on this link: Group Buddy Read - March 2014 - Offside. The book is currently free on Amazon, so it's a great chance to try something new :)

The next quarterly challenge launches on 15 March. Karen will post the challenge soon, but let me tell you that a good understanding of botany might help ;)

Coming Soon
The third round of the Meet n Greet Challenge sign ups will start in the first week of March. This will be for the months of April and May. If you aren't sure what the Meet n Greet Challenge is, check out our current round underway here.

DG has been warming up her dice and game-board to bring back the Hearts & Tears Tournament! For newbies, this is a great reading game based off the childhood favorite, 'Chutes & Ladders' for those in the US ~ for many other countries, the game is called 'Snakes & Ladders'. So watch out for her post and check out those rules carefully :)

For those members in the Yahtzee Challenge, don't forget to roll your die between Feb 26 and Mar 2 for your March book selections.

Finishing Up
Ty's Read the Season In Welsh WINTER finishes on 19 March. The new season's challenge will be posted in early March.

The Cookie Quarterly Challenge finishes on 14 March, so make sure your lists are all up to date.

Full list of all Challenges
The listing of our longer challenges underway can be found here:

St Patrick's Day is 17 March, so 'go green' this month!

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Jane (PS) | 13863 comments A list of our longer 2014 challenges:

Read the Season in Welsh: GAEAF (WINTER) with Ty (21 December - 19 March)
The Cookie quarterly challenge with me (15 December to 14 March)
The Daisy Chain Challenge (1 February to 30 April)

Six Months
RRRC 5th Reading Tournament with Dee (20 October 2013 to 20 April 2014)

Annual (1 January - 31 December)
Authors After Dark Challenge with Hina
A-Z Author Challenge with KarenH
A-Z Book Challenge with Hina
A-Z Character Challenge (Female) with Joann
A-Z Character Challenge (Male) with Joann
A-Z Friends Challenge with Tina
Create Your Own Reading Challenge with Fran
Stacking the Series with Questian
Chubby Chunkster Challenge with Ty

Annual author specific for 2013/2014:
2014: A Year of Kristen Ashley
2014: A Year Long Nora Roberts Read-A-Thon
Midnight Breed Series with Melissa
Year 3 with JD Robb, books 27 to 38 with Christine

New And Old Ongoing Challenges
These can be started at any time :)
Read A Rainbow
In Uniform
A Lifetime Of Books
Serial Reader Challenge - Take 2

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