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message 1: by Astra (last edited Sep 25, 2012 02:23PM) (new)

Astra Sexism dosen't just effect woman. It effects men as well. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

§♫♪♥Delaney♥♪♫§ Wants To Help K (krazytravelers) | 31 comments How does it affect men???

message 3: by Audrey (last edited Sep 26, 2012 09:00PM) (new)

Audrey (AudreyJB) All men have to be strong, all men have to play sports, all men have to like sports. Women complain about men objectifying women, but there's an insane double standard when women talk about how "amazingly hot" someone like Channing Tatum is. (I don't even find him that attractive...) But there is DEFINITELY sexism against men. Maybe not as rampant, but if anyone thinks that there isn't they are mistaken.

message 4: by Astra (new)

Astra I know, right? And if men have sex they are called studs by their mates and pigs by girls, but if they are virgins they are called pusseys! How does that work?!

message 5: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (AudreyJB) If they're smart or know something that another guy doesn't know, they're automatically a nerd. If they play football, they're automatically a jock.

message 6: by Astra (new)

Astra I know!

message 7: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) | 7 comments Sexism definitely includes guys. All guys are supposed to be tough, jocks, hot, strong, and not a wuss. If you cry, write, are ugly, or not that strong, you are thought as gay or a loser. I hate it.

message 8: by Astra (new)

Astra It is really sad... :(

§♫♪♥Delaney♥♪♫§ Wants To Help K (krazytravelers) | 31 comments Ok, now I see how it includes guys.

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