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Experiences with sexism

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message 1: by Astra (new)

Astra Has anyone ever done or said something so unbelievebly sexist to you thatit just isn't funny?

§♫♪♥Delaney♥♪♫§ Wants To Help K (krazytravelers) | 31 comments Some guy told me that I wasn't allowed to carry anything likes boxes because I was a girl and girls aren't strong. Now if you happen to know I am really strong, guys are jerks that just don't get the female system. :)

message 3: by Astra (new)

Astra Oh my gosh! Did really say that?! I hate the guy already!

§♫♪♥Delaney♥♪♫§ Wants To Help K (krazytravelers) | 31 comments I know I was pissed at him so I punched him in te jaw and then he let me carry boxes. The punch hurt him so he realized that I was strong.

message 5: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) | 7 comments haha go delaney!

message 6: by Astra (new)

Astra That is so cool! I would never have the balls (pardon me, I meant ovaries) to do that!

§♫♪♥Delaney♥♪♫§ Wants To Help K (krazytravelers) | 31 comments Yeah but I won't take crap like that.

message 8: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) | 7 comments Same. I don't like being violent, but I will when it's called for.

message 9: by Astra (new)

Astra Arn't you two a couple of badasses!

§♫♪♥Delaney♥♪♫§ Wants To Help K (krazytravelers) | 31 comments No, I am not a very violent person. I am a real softie, but no one should treat anyone like that.

message 11: by Astra (new)

Astra That is true. Next week I'm going to corse on feminism and they are gonna teach us self defence for situations like that.

message 13: by Astra (new)

Astra :)

message 14: by JazzyCat (new)

JazzyCat (dayandnightgirl) | 7 comments Weird wrote: "Arn't you two a couple of badasses!"

:P only when necessary! and honestly I'm a goody-two-shoes, except when it comes to bullying/sexism/racism/ any kind of discrimination/ injustice.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian This is not exactly personal experience... But...
A lot of people say that a guy can't punch a girl, but a girl can punch a guy. Thoughts?

message 16: by Astra (new)

Astra How the hell does that work?! Don't get me wrong I don't think anyone should be hitting anyone, but this is just another one of those things that men have said to make woman seem weak! I am so sick of the dumb stereotypes put on women!

§♫♪♥Delaney♥♪♫§ Wants To Help K (krazytravelers) | 31 comments But guys shouldn't hit girls. It's wrong.

message 18: by Astra (new)

Astra Yeah, I know, butwoman shouldn't hit guys, either. If we are going to be hitting people at all we shouldn't make guys the only victims.

message 19: by Audrey (last edited Sep 26, 2012 09:06PM) (new)

Audrey (AudreyJB) If guys can't hit girls but girls can hit guys, that's a double standard. And thinking that either gender is superior is what leads to a lot of problems in the first place and should be avoided. We want equality, right? Equality is EQUAL, not women being the best.

Also, at my mom's school, boys used to hide in the bushes, then jump out when girls walked by and grab their boobs. (These are SIXTH GRADERS, mind you.)

And at my school, I overheard these two guys talking. One said, "What are you looking at?" And the other one said "That girl's boobs."

Boys seem to look at boobs and think "sex," when really they should be thinking "nursing," "childbirth," and "children."

message 20: by Astra (new)

Astra I like how you think!

message 21: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (AudreyJB) Thanks :) Feminism is a topic that me & my family talk about a lot.

message 22: by Astra (new)

Astra Thats good. It is really important. People say feminism is dead because we have already won, but honestly! We are still being oppressed in real life and in pop culture!

§♫♪♥Delaney♥♪♫§ Wants To Help K (krazytravelers) | 31 comments @Ree: Interesting thinking.

message 24: by Astra (new)

Astra agreed.

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

My friend Abigail and I did a high-ropes course once with our class and she and I were partners. Abigail went first. The two boys infront of us (in line that is) noticed that Abigail was anxious about doing the course. One of them turned around and said, "Girls are always scared of everything." I got really angry and told the guy to shut up and mind his own buisness and then said that he was probably scared out of his guts about it too. Instead of leaving her alone, he and the other boy started taunting Abigail and saying how they weren't scared at all. Now, the boy who had started this went first on the high-ropes. There are three platforms inbetween each of the four challenges. The boy went up, took forever to get to the first platform and then sat there for a long time because he was SCARED. Abigail, in the meantime, had made it to the first platform and passed right by him. She finished first. Then later, for revenge, the boys cut infront of us while we were waiting for my turn (some revenge right?)

So, there's this magazine (forget what it's called) that was giving tips to boys on how to get a girl. (I cant remember exactly what it said.) This is, roughly, what it told them to do.
Never date a girl that is less sexy than you(so basically if she's not hot she's not worth your time)

The more sex partners the better.

Never be polite to them.
(These are all of the ones I can remember, but still it was apalling)

message 27: by Astra (new)

Astra Did it really say that in a magizne?! And they wern't just taking the piss? Thats apalling! and that gym thing is just awful...

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

I know right?

message 29: by Astra (new)

Astra yeah.

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