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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED!: Fantasy: Young thief employed to steal greenish stone, lots of battles. Lots of curses. Trilogy. Second book has a cover of queen in green dress with green bottle of light. [s]

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What's the title? I know the main character's name begins with E or something like that, or his cousin's (who happens to be a tomboyish queen). Esther, or something like that. I completely forgot even the author's name!!! Help! I love the book, and I need to find it again!

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Is it The Queen's Thief series, by Megan Whalen Turner?

The Thief (Eugenides, Book 1) by Megan Whalen Turner The Queen of Attolia (Eugenides, Book 2) by Megan Whalen Turner The King of Attolia (Eugenides, Book 3) by Megan Whalen Turner

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Yes! Thanks!!!

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