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wanderer (chloemai) .

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M | 46 comments Cece marveled at the cafeteria. The cafeteria at her boarding school was nice, but this was amazing.
((Should there be waiters, or a buffet-like setup?))

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Alessia (siriostars) ((let's have waiters XD))

Bianca sits down a free table and pulls out her notebook. She puts it on the table and concentrates for a second. Hey Waiter dude. Could we have a menu? Thanks! She sends the telekinesis message to a random waiter who seemed to not be doing much.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((:D))
Hunter walks in, scanning the room. He spots Bianca and then looks over at Odette.
((I gotta go... Sorry... Ciao!))

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M | 46 comments The waiter brought the menu. It was only one page, and said If You Can Think Of It, We Can Make It! "Can I have a strawberry milkshake and a Taco-in-a-Bag?" she asked.

((That's like taco fixings in a bag of Doritos or Fritos))

"Absolutely," the waiter said. Then he turned to Bianca.

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M | 46 comments "Hi," Cece said to the boy sitting beside Bianca,"I'm Cecelia, but most people call me Cece." Or Half-Baked. Or Bumblebee. Or Dexter Fakester., she thought, reminded the many the kids at her old school.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((back))

Hunter smiles at Cece. "I'm Hunter."
Bianca pinches Hunter's cheek. "YAY! My big bro came to eat lunch too!"
"Shush." Hunter tells her.
"No! You shush!" Bianca retorts.
Hunter rolls his eyes, "Smetti a prendermi in giro o ti male.[1]" He growls.
"Ma dai! Stai dire fritello[2]!" Bianca tells him. Then she smiles at Cece and Odette. "Sorry. Just... sibling talk."
Hunter crosses his arms and pursues his lips. Then used his telekinesis to ask a waiter for some carbonnades flamandes[3]. Bianca used telekinesis to ask for pasta bolognese[4], adding a side note that they better not mess up the delicate dish.
Hunter glances at Bianca nervously who was grinning happily next to him.

(([1] Stop teasing me or I'll hurt you.
[2] Oh come on! You're so mean brother!
[3] French beef stew
[4] Italian Pasta in beef and tomato sauce))

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Alessia (siriostars) Hunter grits his teeth as silence falls over the table. Bianca pokes Hunter. Hunter glares at her from the corner of his eyes.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((Sorry. Was busy getting freaked out by Steve @_@))

Hunter sighs and looks over at Odette. Should I just tell her? He sends the message to Odette.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((aww okay D: I'll try to figure out how ot fix my hetaoni in 10 then.))

Hunter grits his teeth then sends the following message to Bianca:
Um.. Sorry... To burst your bubble... Mom's dead. She... I... uh... turned her into a cockroach by accident. Noelle didn't know I did and shoed mom-as-a-cockroach out of the house... Um... Yeah... Sorry, that I killed the one person who really loved us.

Bianca's eyes widen and she turns towards Hunter. "WHAT THE HELL?!"
Hunter covers his face. "I'm sorry! Don't hurt me!"

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Alessia (siriostars) ((D: nooo))

Bianca was glaring angrily at Hunter who was shrinking away from her. "I will sooo totally slap you!"
"I would probably deserve it."
"Please be quiet."
"That's understandable." Hunter murmurs.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((CHIBI EYES! :O))
Bianca bites her lip, turns away from Hunter and glares at something far away.
"Y-You okay, Bianca?" Hunter asks quietly.
"WHY DON'T YOU ASK MOM, HUH?!" Bianca yells.
Hunter sighs and looks down at his lap.

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Alessia (siriostars) Bianca was still fuming next to Hunter when Hunter said, "Scusa. Desole. Gomen. Entschuldigung."
"Saying it in a bunch of languages won't help." Bianca snaps.
Hunter sighs. "I tried."

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Alessia (siriostars) Soon the food arrived and for the first time in his life, Hunter saw Bianca barely touch her pasta. She just stared at it.
Hunter sighs inwardly and continues to eat his stew.

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Alessia (siriostars) "You okay?" Hunter asks Odette.

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Alessia (siriostars) "Ahh.. Yeah.. Brain Freezes suck."

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Alessia (siriostars) Hunter watches carefully. Bianca was making random things appear and float in thin air. She didn't even realize she was doing it.

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Alessia (siriostars) Hunter yawns and pulls out his sheet music. He continues to write his song.

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Alessia (siriostars) ((@-@))

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Alessia (siriostars) Bianca turns back to Hunter and slaps him. Hunter sighs and rubs his cheek. Bianca turns back to her food and rushes to finish it. Hunter smiles a bit to himself.

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M | 46 comments Cece felt her breathing get shallow. She was reminded of when her father had told her that her mom was sick, how the air had rushed through her ears, and she had almost fainted. She couldn't imagine what she would do if her (nonexistent) brother had killed her mom.

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Alessia (siriostars) Bianca groans at Hunter once she was finished her pasta.
"So... Yeah." Bianca says with a fake smile. "I'm... er... better now I guess."
Hunter sighs at Bianca.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments Layla walks into the lunch room and automatically walks over to the table where she sees the most people. "Hi!." She smiles brightly and sits down.

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Alessia (siriostars) Bianca looks over at Layla and nods.
Hunter smiles a bit. "Sorry for Bianca. She's... In a bad mood. I'm Hunter by the way."

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments Layla grins and extends her hand. "Nice to meet you." Her eyes shine and she smiles again.

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M | 46 comments "Hi, I'm Cece, " she waved to the girl.

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Alessia (siriostars) Bianca glares at the hand. Hunter takes it awkwardly and shakes.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments "Hi Cece." Layla nods in her direction and turns her direction to Bianca.

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Alessia (siriostars) Bianca just glares at her empty bowl. Hunter lifts his hand to pat her back but hesitates and decides against it in the end.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments Layla looks back and forth between the two. "Are you two..." She hesitates. It would make it awkward if they weren't. Oh well. She smiles and turns to Hunter. "So what's your power?"

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Alessia (siriostars) "Mystiokinesis." Hunter says simply. "Making stuff appear in thin air and stuff. Bianca too."

Bianca nods slowly. "Yeah."

Hunter bites his lip, watching his sister from the corner of his eye. "What about you?"

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments She shrugs. "Not much. It's pretty lame actually." Layla closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. A second later, a very small breeze passes through the lunch room.

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Alessia (siriostars) Bianca yawns and puts her head on the table.
"No! Just tell us!" Hunter exclaims.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments "Did you not just feel that?" Layla attempts to laugh off her failure but stops.

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Alessia (siriostars) Hunter blinks. "Wait... That was you and not Bianca." He looks over at Bianca who shrugs.
"I didn't do anything." Bianca grumbles.
"Er... Okay..." Hunter looks back at Layla.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments "...thanks." Layla smiles at the girl. "But in all reality, it sucks. I can't do hardly anything."

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M | 46 comments "My power is falling through walls. Seriously. And being able to figure out how things work. So if we're ever in a battle, I can punch through the person. Yeah!" Cece said sarcastically.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments "Then we can be unnecessary together!" Layla smiles and turns her attention back to hunter.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments Kayla smiles brightly. "I can sing and play instruments. What about you?" She asks Oddette. She was quite happy to make a new friend.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments "I love to read!" Kayla explains. She pushes her blonde hair over her shoulder.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments Layla smiles back. "So." She says, looking around. "What have they got to eat around here?"

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments "Really?" Her blue eyes grow wide.

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Alessia (siriostars) Hunter nods as well.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments "Hmm..." Layla rubs her temples, a tell-tale sign that she was thinking. "I'll have a cherry cheesecake." She looks around.

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments Layla grins at the waiter. "Yes please." Without realizing, she begins to twist her hair around her fingers.

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M | 46 comments "My power is also kind of my curse, though." Cece said, sipping her milkshake, "I have a very high mental aptitude, so I can learn things really quickly. The kids at my old school used to hate me for it. I was like, the scapegoat of the whole school. Still, there's very little that would make me give up my power."

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments "But that's so cool!" Layla watches the waiter walk away before focusing her full attention on Cece.

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M | 46 comments "Yeah, I love learning new things, too, so it's helpful." Cece sighed, "My dad sending me here was like the one good thing he's done for me. Like, ever. It's much better than my old school."

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Meghan Radigan | 41 comments Layla sighs, her mood suddenly more depressed than earlier. "My brother sent me here exactly one month ago today."

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M | 46 comments "Oh, you don't seem too excited about that," Cece said, her face falling. Darn, she thought, you were making friends until you said the wrong thing and ruined it.

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