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Tyler Kovanda Book Review 1

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Tyler Kovanda | 6 comments Running Loose - Chris Crutcher
The book Running Loose by Chris Crutcher is about a character named Louie Banks. Louie is just starting his senior year and is going in with a good mind set. He plans to graduate, have a good football season and get into a good college of his choice. Louie was dating a gorgeous girl on the cheer squad and everything was going his way. Until on day Louie got mad at his coach for taking out there star quarterback, and quit the team. His girlfriend then died in a motorcycle accident, and at her funeral Louie went over board. He blew up in front of everyone and made a huge scene. Louie's ex football coach noticed Louie struggling in life and suggested he go out for track. Louie went out and made the team and ended up winning the biggest race for state.

I would star this book a 5 because i love to read about realistic fiction books, i love books where the story is similar to things that could happen in my life. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reading about real high school events.
In the book, a character Washington tells Louie, "I been watchin' you run; you're my hero," (Crutcher, pg 183). This is important to the story because the whole last half of the book was about Washington being the better athlete then Louie. And now Louie is doing way better in track then the high school star, Washington.
This book doesn't really connect with any certain topics we have covered in class.

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Alex Finch | 8 comments Dude good review man makes me want to read this book.

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