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Post the arrival of the train once both of the tributes have roleplayed on the train at least once. Post the makeover here, and then eventually the rest. Just the makeover with the stylists right now please! Stylists can be roleplayed by anyone if you chose to let them be.

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Will stood in the spotless white room, very uncomfortable. He felt violated, and much like a dress up doll.

Dandy (in the room next door) huddled in her bathrobe, hating how raw she felt.

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District 5:

Genistria bit her lip nervously, tugging at the thin material of a bathrobe to cover herself as much as possible. Oh, how she despised this. First, they practically give her a death sentence. Now they're invading her privacy. Genistria gritted her teeth, reminding herself that she would survive for Maribeth. Just then, a twenty-year-old man walked in. Surprisingly, he looked normal, with the exception of a silk blue shirt and jeans. "Hello, Genistria," he said quietly. "I am Amias and I will be your stylist for District 5." Genistria nodded in greeting. "Now...I know you don't really like this part, but if you cooperate with me and my assistants, this would go much faster." Genistria sighed and took off her bathrobe reluctantly, feeling even more vulnerable. "Great," Amias said, looking down at her body. The assistants strutted their way over to her, smiling maniacally as they wielded an assortment of lotions.

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