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Kara Gillian: Pre-release Chapters-Touch of the Demon *Spoilers*

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Ann Chapters One and Two

So far, Diana has released Chapters One and Two of Touch of the Demon, with a rumor of three being posted before the release date of December 31! K, on the predictions discussion suggested that we start a new thread for the Chapters, since there will definitely be nothing but spoilers about these. So here we go!

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Ann This is a copy of a post by K from the Predictions discussion:

Amy wrote: "Hey, do you think it's possible that Ryan's the one who deleted/altered his own memories? Somehow, the punishment (in my mind) all leads back to Ryan stabbing Kira when they were in the demon realm..."

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Ryan had something to do with that dream. When she woke up she felt as though an arrow bolt of something should be sticking out of her chest. And then, in this new chapter *SPOILERS*

When the lord said Elinor's name and Kara felt as though a spear had gone through her essence...I'm thinking Elinor died a violent death. And I think it's too big of a coincidence for Ryan to be exiled, for Rhyzkahl to be uber angry with Ryan, and Rhyzkahl's increasingly affectionate behavior toward Kara to happen so close together. I'm betting Elinor was the precious item stolen/destroyed by Ryan. Maybe in this book the murder Kara will be solving will be hers.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Oh wow nice news, thank you!

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