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the Key to everything
This topic is about the Key to everything
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Alex (alexkimmellauthor) | 2 comments Mod
thanks for coming in!
first off, if you've read "the Key to everything", THANKS!
this is a great place to ask me any questions about it or let me know what you think.
if you haven't read it yet and are on the fence about doing so, go ahead and ask me anything you want. maybe somebody else in the group will tell you what they thought of it too.
from time to time i'll be posting links to some other books that inspired me and helped me down path to writing "the Key to everything". some of them might surprise you!
thanks again for coming in!

H.L. Nelson (hlnelsonauthor) | 2 comments Hi Alex! It's such a great read. Uber creeptastic. Is there a character in the book that you identify with more than the others?

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Christina Esdon (christinaesdon) Great idea, Alex! Thanks for the invite.

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Alex (alexkimmellauthor) | 2 comments Mod
Thanks Heather! glad you enjoyed The book. I'd have to say I relate to Abram the most. Searching for the deeper more elusive meanings in things. I'm always intrigued by that journey.

H.L. Nelson (hlnelsonauthor) | 2 comments I was hoping you'd say Abram! He's my favorite character. :)

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ask uncle alex... go ahead... you know you wanna!

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