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Taz Bright Taz Sep 25, 2012 09:07AM
What are some examples of Love that 1. You have experienced as a believer in Christ or, 2. Stand out to you in the Bible?

I would have to say the fact that Jehovah ( YHWH, Jah etc) gave his son as a sacrifice for all of us, even people who are not interested in Him.

Before when ever I would hear "Jesus loves you" it didnt mean anything to me since I did not know that Jesus or God was real. Later when I started studying world religions that either did not feature Jesus or had someone similar but not claiming to be son of God it made me curious.

It was nice to find out that Jesus Christ was real and found in secular historical documents so that lead me on to further research.

1. God always forgives us and is incredibly patient with us. I have a great family - wife, daughters, and grand children.

2. John 3:16

God recently provided new friendships with some amazing Christians. I was planning on walking to a bookstore, I never made it there because I ended up at a church I had never heard of and met many new people.

Shanna I will respond, you have laid accusations and assumptions at my door that need clearing up...

I'm not bullying you. I'm posting (with you) in a single
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Hippasus Annie,

My apologies for responding late. I honestly felt that you accused Shanna of bigotry in the heat of the moment. I am surprised that you are stan
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God has shown me love and favor in so many ways on a DAILY basis from big to small blessings. God loves me so much I cant choose one situation. But I have to say the biggest love shown to me and all is sending his only begotten Son to the cross for us. I know thats cliched but nonetheless very true.

I think that the Bible has many stories that can be read many ways. You can read it expecting the worst or you can read it to learn about yourself or you can read it to learn about Heavenly Father. I choose to read the Bible to learn more about Heavenly Father and nurture a personal relationship with Him as I live life. There are so many hopeful loving stories that get pushed to the wayside.
There is nothing good in my life that has come directly from His love for me. And all the hardship is because I chose to disregard His warnings or to help me grow.

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