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Which Strange Chemistry books have you read?

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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (magemanda) | 10 comments Mod
Just wondering which SC books you've read so far? Which ones worked for you? Which didn't? Is there anything you're looking forward to that is coming at a later date?

message 2: by Christian (new)

Christian Schoon | 3 comments I've had the spooky cool pleasure of reading A.E. Rought's BROKEN. Wickedly well written tale that proves you gotta love every part of a person... regardless. (read it and you'll see what I mean). 5 spine-tingling stars!

message 3: by Abhinav (new)

Abhinav (shadowhawk) | 2 comments Read Poltergeeks (awesome) and The Assassin's Curse (decent). Katya's World is next, and I'm quite looking forward to getting Blackwood and Shift.

message 4: by Leontiy (new)

Leontiy Cristea (princeofbookandbone) | 1 comments I've had the pleasure of THE ASSASSIN'S CURSE, KATYA'S WORLD and SHIFT, all of which were excellent!

Kathy (Kindle-aholic) (kindleaholic) | 8 comments I've read Assassin's Curse (love), reading Blackwood, Poltergeeks & Katya's World. So far Katya's World is my fav YA Sci Fi book that I've read in the past year or so.

message 6: by Christian (new)

Christian Schoon | 3 comments Also just finished THE HOLDERS by Julianna Scott, a thrilling, beautifully crafted tale of ancient magic operating unseen beneath the surface of modern life, all fueled by an unforgettable heroine, a truly "unusual" younger brother she'd do anything to protect and the very cool guy with whom she has serious approach/avoidance issues. A must-read for any fan of the well-written paranormal!

message 7: by Benito (new)

Benito Corral (benitocorral) | 2 comments I've read BLACKWOOD, POLTERGEEKS, and just wrapped up BROKEN. Been hearing good things about KATYA 'S WORLD!

message 8: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid Jonach (ingrid_jonach) | 2 comments BROKEN (spooky!) PANTOMIME (delicious!) and am currently reading THE HOLDERS (poignant!).

message 9: by Alek (new)

Alek Cristea (alek_cristea) | 2 comments I've read SHIFT so far which I loved, and am reading KATYA'S WORLD atm. Next is probably going to be either BLACKWOOD or ASSASSIN'S CURSE, not decided yet!

WTF Are You Reading? | 6 comments I am reading PANTOMIME as we speak. BROKEN has been read and reviewed 5 STARS! I have BLACKWOOD and I need to try reading it again.I had a lot going on and couldn't get into it when I tried. KATYA'S WORLD and THE ASSASSIN'S CURSE are next.

message 11: by Daphne (new)

Daphne (Illumicrate) (daph) | 3 comments I've read THE ASSASSIN'S CURSE, POLTERGEEKS and PANTOMIME. I'll be starting SHIFT, BROKEN and THE HOLDERS soon!

message 12: by Milo (new)

Milo  (miloafc) | 3 comments I've just finished reading Pantomime, my first Strange Chemistry book. It might just be one of my favourite YA novels that I've read, up there with the likes of Anthony Horowitz, Derek Landy and Darren Shan, my three favourite YA authors. I will hopefully be picking up Shift late December-period as well so we'll see how that goes. My review for Pantomime is due 25 November, and I gave it four stars on Goodreads, but the review will probably be 4.5 stars.

message 13: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nvo79) | 2 comments Pantomime was my first SC novel. I completely enjoyed the book and am looking forward to more installments within this series, or any other books by Laura Lam :) I gave Pantomime 5 stars on Goodreads

message 14: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (pewterwolf) I've only read Broken, and I really enjoyed it. I have Assassin's Curse and Poltergeeks in my to-read pile and I am itching to read Pantomime! It just sounds cool!

WTF Are You Reading? | 6 comments I have read Broken, Pantomime, I loved both. Started Blackwood but couldn't quite get into it. Not giving up though.

message 16: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (equizotic) | 4 comments I've read Pantomime and The Mad Scientist's Daughter and reviewed them both!

WTF Are You Reading? | 6 comments I just read and reviewed Nexus. All I can say is OMG! So fabulous! New Adult techno-thriller. READ IT NOW!!!!

WTF Are You Reading? | 6 comments On to The Mad Scientist's Daughter.

message 19: by Jamie (last edited Dec 11, 2012 11:22AM) (new)

Jamie (equizotic) | 4 comments I got my Nexus ARC, I'm reading it next, good to hear such a great response to it, I know I won't be bored :P

I just realized The Mad Scientist's Daughter and Nexus aren't actually Strange Chemistry books, just Angry Robot. TMSD is a Strange Chemistry author tho. x.X

(Still good books xP)

WTF Are You Reading? | 6 comments Oops. You are so right! They are great books though.

message 21: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (lexnick) | 2 comments Christian wrote: "Also just finished THE HOLDERS by Julianna Scott, a thrilling, beautifully crafted tale of ancient magic operating unseen beneath the surface of modern life, all fueled by an unforgettable heroine,..."

I just started reading The Holders last night after finishing The Madman's Daughter. It sounds so good and really hope it lives up to what everyone else is saying about it.

message 22: by Katja (last edited Jan 12, 2013 05:43PM) (new)

Katja Weinert | 3 comments I tried to read Blackwood but couldn't get into it, I might need to give it another go. Poltergeeks (fun read, cool author and a quirky heroine) , The Assassin's Curse (fun, romantic, action packed and downright awesome - cool author) and Katya's World (great world building and the heroine's ability to deal with tense situations, great read - cool author).
Your authors are pretty fab.

message 23: by E (new)

E (eleanorpattison) | 1 comments My Strange Chem collection is nearly up to date, though several are still fighting for attention in the pile by my bed. It's difficult to say my favourites - right now, probably Control, mainly because of the ending, which completely blew me away and left me going "Noooooooo waaaaaaay!" I also love Pantomime, because of the ethereal atmosphere, a really unique fantasy that stands out from the glut of samey YA fantasy that's around at the moment. Playing Tyler is great because of the characters, they feel like such authentic teenage voices, again something you don't find enough of in YA. Katya's World, also brilliant, really reminded me of watching SeaQuest DSV as a kid and wanting to live on a submarine! Also loved Zenn Scarlett, another original idea really well crafted. I've probably missed some out, but I'll come back and post when I've read the others on my list. Ohhh, I'm just in love with you, SC!

message 24: by Brandi ;) (new)

Brandi ;) (clairadncr) | 1 comments Just finished Cracked by Eliza Crewe. OMG! Absolutely fantastic!!!! Can't wait for the next book :)

☼Book her, Doesn't  Like New GR Format☼  (ren_t) Agree with Brandi. Absolutely loved Cracked (Soul Eater, #1) by Eliza Crewe . It was wonderfully snarky and I can't wait for the next book.

But before that I read Skulk (my first Strange Chemistry, I think), and I just finished Black Dog --which I thought was brill.

I joined this group, just now, by the way to get updates and what-not. Principally because I read and review a lot of YA and so much of 2013's offerings seemed like they were just re-writes, or else were just boring.

Skulk, and especially BLACK DOG and CRACKED stood out from the rest. Innovative and fun. (go SC!)

message 26: by Kate (new)

Kate Ormand | 3 comments BLACKWOOD - LOVED the mystery surrounding the Lost Colony. I thought it was fantastic.

THE WOKEN GODS - fascinating world and great adventure.

WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT - achingly beautiful. One of my top 2013 reads.

THE WEIGHT OF SOULS - eerie and thrilling. The race against time racked up the tension with this one. Really enjoyed it.

POLTERGEEKS - quirky and great fun. Humour was fab.

CRACKED - so original. I had really high expectations for this, and it surpassed them completely. Win!


THE ALMOST GIRL - fierce and fast. A cold world and a thrilling ride.

I'm most looking forward to FEATHERBOUND and A CURSE OF ASH AND IRON.


message 27: by Dumpy (new)

Dumpy Unicorn (dumpylittleunicorn) I've read both of the Micah Grey books and loved them. I will be checking out more Strange Chemistry books as I have enjoyed them.

message 28: by Micheala (new)

Micheala I've read Stolen Songbird and loved it! I'm in the process of reading The Assassin's Curse. And sometime soon I will be reading The Almost Girl.
Y'know, it was only today when I rented the Almost Girl that I realized it has the same publisher as Stolen Songbird. Then when I got home, I realized The Assassin's Curse is part of it. I don't usually pay attention to publishers when I read.

message 29: by Carol (last edited Apr 23, 2014 10:27AM) (new)

Carol Riggs (carol_riggs) I've only read ZENN SCARLETT by Christian Schoon and vN by Madeline Ashby (oh wait, I guess the latter is Angry Robot in general). Enjoyed both a lot, and have others on my Kindle: BLACK DOG, and THE WEIGHT OF SOULS.

Can't wait to read those and keep adding to my SC have-read list!

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