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message 1: by Vilma (new)

Vilma (vaalkyrjaa) | 26 comments Hi,
there are two author profiles for the same author, Karl Ove Knausgård, neither one claimed as a GR-author.

Correct spelling of the name:

and one with a wrong spelling:

I assume, hopefully correctly, they should be merged.

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth (bethjustbeth) | 1586 comments It appears that both are correct. The one with the cover image in the second link shows the alternate spelling. I'll add the other spelling, so that they can be combined with the other editions, and will show on both profiles.

message 3: by Vilma (new)

Vilma (vaalkyrjaa) | 26 comments I have seen this too now Beth. I suppose that the Norwegian letter "å" might cause some trouble hence it becomes in transliteration the double "aa". Sorry, did not think about that.

The first names - two! - are nevertheless "Karl Ove", which is abbreviated at times then as Karl O. (in translation only) as seen on the book cover in the second entry.

"Karl" alone is definitely not correct.

message 4: by Vilma (new)

Vilma (vaalkyrjaa) | 26 comments Hi,
I have another question about this author or more of a request to make.

His book "Min Kamp pt. 6" has the parenthesis of a series like this (Min Kamp #6) but NOT the parts 1 - 5. I assume it might be better to make ALL parts as a part of this series? That way it looks pretty odd :)

Here is the profile in question:


message 5: by Krystal109 (new)

Krystal109 | 1086 comments They are all added to a series, just not listed in the title. I will change the default editions to all have the series listing in the title so they are uniform.

message 6: by Vilma (new)

Vilma (vaalkyrjaa) | 26 comments Thanks for the fast work. Extraordinary. It just drives me slightly inane when "my" books and authors (description, covers, etc) are not accurate :)

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