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Just walking on the road...or whatever else you want to do...


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Jev walked into the town, Shadow behind him. He hoped he didnt irritate her, though he knew it was a long shot. He was curious about her opinions...

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Shadow was watching around warily, seeing the sun rise. "We cannot be far now, surely." She said quietly.

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"No. Just around the corner." He pointed down the block.

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Shadow nodded and fell into a steady sprint, dodging the rays of light that were threatening to fall from the sky. She stayed with shadows.

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Jev walked faster, almost at a jog. He rounded the corner and disappeared into his house. He left it unlocked for these reasons and because nobody came near here anyways. His house was said to be haunted by the people who lived here before; they were murdered. It was a long time ago though, even Jev had no idea. He always thought it was vampires though, as there was a lot of blood when it happened.

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