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Catherine Crook Malakai had ordered this book from Scholastic, and he is eager to read this - so we will start aftere the few Junie B. Jones we are reading in honor of his 1st second grade field trip - they are going to see Junie B. Jones as a play in October. :-) (PS - Kristyn, did I do this right? You seem a little better at the setting up of folders and whatnot!)

Kristyn (kristyn007) Yeah. You did great! I'm jealous! I wanna go see it with malakai! You think they will let me chaperone? Lol. So the good thing about this list is there are so many age levels. Some of these I can read to lex and some to Jill and some to all of them.

Catherine Crook I tried to chaperone, but those eager beaver parents already took all the spots! I am uber jealous...

Kristyn (kristyn007) So tonight was the first night reading to my kids. Let me tell you, I almost gave up! They talked and Jaidyn was jumping on the couch and we kept having to catch him before he fell. Destiny, who I believe has ADD, kept interrupting to tell everyone something that happened at school today. Roxy kept jumping in my lap and licking me. Jill kept raising her hand every time there were rhyming words used. If this keeps up I may just have them read it on their own and ill read it myself. Having 4 kids and a rambunctious dog does not make for quiet reading time!

Kristyn (kristyn007) I was reminded why I never do this cause it happens every time!

Catherine Crook lol. I can imagine!

Catherine Crook One chapter down and we are excited! Seems good. Reminds me a lot of Sideways Stories from Wayside school, kinda.

Kristyn (kristyn007) We are halfway through. I want to keep reading but I had to stop and cook dinner. I really like it and so does lex. She said tomorrow she is going to ask her English teacher if she can borrow a frindle.

Catherine Crook YAY for Lex! Malakai and I are looking to order Frindle shirts! <3 I love it too! Makes me miss books this age level. So, do you love or hate Mrs. Granger?

Kristyn (kristyn007) I really like her so far. I don't like how she is getting so upset when she kinda started the whole thing. I think she should encourage him more. But we are only about half way through so I don't know if her attitude changes or not.

Kristyn (kristyn007) we finished it! Lex loved it! We loved the ending and how Mrs Granger was rooting for the word the whole time. I really liked Mrs Granger at the end.

Catherine Crook I really liked Mrs. Granger too! Really neat concept to get kids thinking! :-)

Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
Picked this up for the heck of it when I saw the thread. What a clever way to introduce the concept of words and language to kids! There were silly little things I didn't like but a kid would never notice (i.e. Mrs. Granger would never have released a child's name without his parents permission and the reporter would never have talked to him without his parents) but the story and how something like that can really come about was really interesting. Look at how the word "google" has become commonplace in society (and yes, you will find it in Webster's).

Cute story, I'll have to remember it when I've got kiddos that age.

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