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Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 444 comments Mod
Just in case you ever wondered if she was gonna bring some characters back... Her knew series Above the Line is set in Bloomington,Indiana and will have them as background Characters. Here's and excerpt from her website"

Since the release of Sunset – the last book about the Baxter family – I’ve been deluged by letters asking me whether I’d ever write about this wonderful family again, and whether I would at least consider writing more about Bailey Flanigan and Cody Coleman.
I’ve kept you in suspense long enough.
My brand new Above the Line series begins with Above the Line - Take One, and is set in Bloomington, Indiana!
This series is about two producers who want to change the world with the power of film, but who must be careful not to lose themselves in the process.
One of the producers has a daughter – Andi Ellison – who rooms with Bailey Flanigan on the campus of Indiana University. Bailey, Cody, Tim Reed, and Andi will be a major part of this new series.
And the Baxters?
I can promise you they are in scenes throughout the first book. Andi’s parents live in LA, so the Baxters will serve as her “second family”. In book one, there is even a very tender dinner with the producers and everyone in the Baxter family gathered at the old Baxter house.
So yes, the Baxters serve as background characters in this series, but for those of us who know and love them they will live on at least through the next four books.
There. Now you know!!

message 2: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (riverunbroken) | 20 comments Hi! I love the series. Only read the first 3 in the Redemption series, but last year I read Sunset not realizing it was a part of a series. I saw it was book one of a series, but didn't realize it was third series. I might reread Sunset, not sure yet.

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