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Abby Abby Sep 25, 2012 02:38AM
Evan Peters, of American Horror Story fame, has let slip in an interview that he is reading the script for the movie! I'm very excited by this, as I think he'd be perfect for Four (as long as he dies his hair!).

Nuh uh, this guy doesn't really tick all the boxes for how Four looks to me, I agree with Leann. He WOULD make a good Will ;D

I think Matt Dallas would be a good Four/Tobias!

NOOOOO :( hes not fit for four.

I think he was reading the role for will, with his looks and all he would be a good fit for him but not Four I think they will leave Tris and Four last on whos going to be playing those roles.

no offense but he is sooo not four but i agree he could be a awesome Will.... I think Drew Roy or Matt Lanter or Brant Daugherty can be pretty good at playing Tobias, but my first choice is Drew Roy....

No I don't think he would be a good fit for four.

aw crap! better hurry up and read it before the movie screws it up!

Leela yes read it before the movie comes along!
Oct 05, 2012 11:20PM · flag

i think he would make a good will i would like to see someone like Sean Faris as Four :)

Janel 1 vote for him :>
Oct 06, 2012 02:23AM · flag

He's not what I imagined for Four. Hope he's reading for another role.

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