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plans for winter break?

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message 1: by Adam (new)

Adam  (adamc) | 10 comments What are your guy's (and girl's, got to be politically correct)plans for winter break? (again, political correctness)

message 2: by Maranda (new)

Maranda | 18 comments Mod
wow u must of read that book!!!!! your using bumumblejumble words!! Wowzerz. well i think i have a a flu and its really bad i haven't eaten a thing for two days but i think i might barf anyway :-( tommorow i go to church then sleep at my mom's get presents on xmas eve bc parents are divorced and go to my grampa mel's, then i go to my dad's next day get More presents!! then i barf some more and play with my toys! lol

message 3: by Maranda (new)

Maranda | 18 comments Mod
how's about u?

message 4: by Adam (new)

Adam  (adamc) | 10 comments me, i'm staying up all night on christmas eve (as if i had a choice), open presents, play w/ presents, go to grandmas house, eat, party, more presents, go back home, play with other presents, then go to sleep, all with visions of sugarplums in my head.
also, y haven't u had anything to eat for 2 days? dont u know to starve a fever, u need to feed a cold:)

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