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Neil Gaiman
Sardine Noir Sardine Sep 24, 2012 11:10PM
I am just starting my first Neil Gaiman book, 'Neverwhere'. Is there a good order to follow when reading his stuff?

Your help is appreciated,


I think once you have read Neverwhere you will have a thirst for the others. American Gods is almost as good. Those two are his best books by far and totally different! Well worth a look.

The books are not connected so you can read in any order. Just go with whatever interests you.

Sardine Noir Thank you everyone for that. I now have a working plan on the consumption order of them.

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Sep 26, 2012 05:48PM

When I'm not sure I tend to go chronologically, but with Gaiman some might express a need to read all the Sandman comics etc, which I wouldn't (mainly due to pricing and trying to keep it all in order).

Jack Conner It doesn't matter what order you read them in. To me, his best works are "Stardust" and his collaboration with Terry Pratchett "Good Omens". ...more
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