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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod
*Have fun!*

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Alexandria (aking2838) | 1611 comments Thera was walking on 6th Avenue to a club her friends said was letting in minor girls for cheap and she thought she heard footsteps behind her but wasn't concerned. She was thinking of who was going to be there when suddenly the footsteps were running....toward her. She turned around and immediatly was forced to the ground by familiar arms. She struggled against it until she heard the voice...that voice that had always been there for her that had talked her through painful times in her life. "Uncle??" she laughed. "I thought I was in trouble! Now, let me up!"
"Oh! But you are in trouble Thera."
She was about to ask what he was talking about but then a cloth was pressed to her face, it was doused with a liquid. She passed out.

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