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The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1)
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Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments Hi Guys

We have something really special for you guys. The Star Dwellers, the second installment on the Dwellers trilogy is about to be released an because of that David is going to giveaway 50 E-copies of The Moon Dwellers.

So if any of you guys haven´t read the first book, here is your opportunity all you have to do is leave your email on this thread and pinky promise to review sometime in the future.

Hope you guys like this giveaway as much as i do!!!! ok so the giveaway is fisrt come first served basis so yea tally up guys!!!!!!!!!!

message 2: by Nereid (new) - added it

Nereid (nereidp) | 18 comments Hi it is on my TBR pile and I would love to review it.
kindle format please.

nereidp@yahoo.com.au :)

message 3: by Alexia (new) - added it

Alexia Purdy (alexiapurdy) I'd like to read this, might be a bit to get to it but I can definitely review it. Thanks :) Kindle format please if possible: alexeea@yahoo.com

message 4: by Tanecia (new)

Tanecia  (books101) I still can't believe I haven't read this yet so sign me up!


Kelly | 17 comments I would love to read in kindle format.


thanks : )

Amanda (admthomas) | 3 comments I'd love a chance to read the moon dwellers! I loved his first series and have been looking forward to this series as well!


message 7: by Gigi (new)

Gigi (farogiron) | 1 comments I'd love a copy too I havent read it yet!!

message 8: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Wilkerson (jlovesbooks) Pinky promise!

message 9: by Lucy Qhuay (new)

Lucy Qhuay Hey! I would love to read the book as well and I promise to review it! :D

message 10: by Kenecia (new)

Kenecia (temperamentalme) | 1 comments Love a copy! Khood0003@email.vccs.edu. Kindle copy please.

message 11: by Katelyn (new)

Katelyn Broad (katelynb) I would love to read it!
katelynbroad@live.com -kindle please. :)

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)


Cindy Rawlings cindy_rawlings@hotmail.com
Kindle please! Thank you!!

message 14: by Elle (Ligia) (new) - added it

Elle (Ligia) | 1 comments Eeek! I'd love to read it! :D (mobi)

message 15: by Bonnie (new) - added it

Bonnie Colvert | 3 comments Happy Dance! Yes please bcolvert64@gmail.com kindle please

message 16: by Laura (new)

Laura Thomas (laurathomas) | 3 comments I'm waiting!!!!Watching my inbox!


kindle mobi please

Of course I'll be reviewing it!

Jessica Carroll (Novel Words by Jessica) | 3 comments I would love a copy of Moon Dwellers!! Thank you!!!


Amanda (amandaml87) | 1 comments I would love to read it :)


ReadingDiva Book Reviews (readingdiva3) Oh I would love to read it, readingdiva3(at)gmail(dot)com.


Courtney Robichaux | 3 comments I would love to read it, too!! Kindle version.

message 21: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl | 2 comments I would love to read and review

April (aprilnu2003) | 10 comments aprilnu2003@yahoo.com

Jilleen | 25 comments gypjet@hotmail.com

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 21 comments crucible3@cox.net

Rhomy | 5 comments I hope I'm still on time to get it!


Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments 26 ebooks gone so far, I´ll sent an email out with the Ebook tomorrow morning =D

message 27: by Ezel (new) - added it

Ezel (princessroyalblue) | 1 comments this is definitely cool :)


Rhomy | 5 comments Thanx Karla! :)

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments 27 ebooks gone =D

message 30: by Roudy (new)

Roudy Soule | 8 comments candy.apple7@yahoo.com

message 31: by Lilac (new) - added it

Lilac  (lilac_wales) | 3 comments maggiemcgonagll@yahoo.com
Kindle please! :D
I will review but it might take some time with the busy month ahead of me :)

message 32: by Tawna (new) - added it

Tawna | 1 comments Would love to read, it's been on my tbr!


message 33: by Erin (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erin (erincapobianco) | 6 comments I would love a copy!!!


Thanks <3 <3

message 34: by Karley (last edited Sep 25, 2012 04:57PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Karley (karz) | 20 comments I would love to read!! Its on my wish list.
Can't wait to do a review!!

Lollie (lolliemonsta) Oh I would love to read this... it's on my to be read list.

message 36: by Anne (new) - added it

Anne (crazybakingmom) | 115 comments Thanks for the offer David. I already have a copy and hope to get to it soon!

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments 34 copies gone so far =D

Nadia (librocubicularist_reads) nadiads84@gmail.com :)

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments 36 copies gone so far

message 40: by Rachel V. (new) - added it

Rachel V. | 9 comments pefrw@yahoo.com
I would love to read this sometime. Thanks!

message 41: by Bonnie (new) - added it

Bonnie Colvert | 3 comments Karla(Book Addict) wrote: "36 copies gone so far"

Hi good morning. When you say copies are gone, do you mean accounted for or sent? Just curious.

 Eldritch Reading Reindeer Welcomes 2022! (readingreindeerproximacentauri) yes, please! I've been WAITING for this one!
Mallory/Mallory Heart Reviews
Review will follow!:)

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments Bonnie wrote: "Karla(Book Addict) wrote: "36 copies gone so far"

Hi good morning. When you say copies are gone, do you mean accounted for or sent? Just curious."

just accounted im goin to wait till we reach forty to send a batch of books so i can keep track LOL!!!

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments 38 copies accounted

message 45: by David, Mr. Blue Eyes; He's the Best--Ain't no lie!! ;) (new) - added it

David Estes (davidestesbooks) | 10713 comments Mod
Mallory- wrote: "yes, please! I've been WAITING for this one!
Mallory/Mallory Heart Reviews
Review will follow!:)"

LOL Mallory this is for The Moon Dwellers, which I think you've already read right?

Jilleen | 25 comments add me!

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments 39 copies. waiting for mallory t confirm if she read it already =D

message 48: by Amy :o) (new) - added it

Amy :o) | 1 comments I'd love a copy too! It's been on my TBR list

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments ok ok we got 40 copies i´ll send the books out in a minute =D

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments Ju7st sent an email out to all of you guys pls lert me know that you got it =D

we only have 10 copies left for grabs =D

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