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Judy I enjoyed the characters and the education of wine making and history in Virginia. Kept me guessing until the end. Lucie had run away to France and oblivion and I don't think she was ready to go home and face reality. She stuck up for herself. I would read another.

Terry Wish there had been more wrote to the series but one can always hope.

Ronnie Barnes Terry wrote: "Wish there had been more wrote to the series but one can always hope."

There are several more!
The Chardonnay Charade
The Bordeaux Betrayal
The Riesling Retribution
The Voignier Vendetta
The Suavignon Secret
That takes us to 2011 in the author's series on Lucie Montgomery and her vineyard/winery and other familiar characters.

Terry I read the entire series just wish she had written more.

Terry Been too long since I read them I really don't remember.

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sublimosa Hmmm, I just finished Merlot and just started the Chardonnay. She is a ringer for her mother and apparently her younger sister looks a lot like her and the mother as well.
Now I'm trying to remember what they looked like. I certainly remember the sister had grown up in her choice of clothing.

I liked the first although I found it a bit hard to swallow that the same woman (Lucy) let the Frenchman swindle pretty much all of her money and does absolutely nothing about it has the guts to stand up to everyone back home to keep her home and the vineyard.

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