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Baylie Scherer (Baycat) | 66 comments Mod

message 2: by maya (new)

maya (maya_the_red) Straying from the path of the trails, Lily climbed up the tallest tree she could find. Lifting herself above the leaves, she looked out and wondered what going on in town.

message 3: by John (new)

John | 41 comments Tyler wandered onto the path, and sat down to work on some homework. Leaning back against the tree, he pulled out his mythology notes. Getting bored with whatever he was staring mindlessly at, he turned his textbook to the section on ghosts.

message 4: by maya (new)

maya (maya_the_red) Hearing someone sit down, she silently climbed over to find Tyler below. 'Reading about Ghosts?' She thought to herslef. 'Wait...He actually reads?' He turned the page to what looked like Wherewolves. She thought of Sean. Poor Sean. Then he turned the page to 'Nymphs'. Leaning over to see what it said, the tree creaked, and Tyler turned. Luckily for her, she had jumped away just barely in time. A little late though it seemed, for he rose looking up at the tree.

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John | 41 comments Looking around he saw no one. But he was sure he had seen someone. He got an idea, grabbed his stuff ran out of the woods, and changed into Sean. As he walked back in he thought he heard movement in the tree, but was paient. He walked over to the tree, having an idea of who it was, and kicked it.

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maya (maya_the_red) Lily felt someone kick the tree, and jumped down. She tackled the guy at the bottom before realizing it was Sean. "What are you doing!?"

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John | 41 comments Tyler changed back to himself. "Got ya" He smiled, while her face turned to rage. He sighed "I'm sorry. I didn't know who it was, so I wanted to lure you down without knowing it was me. I didn't know you would tackle me!!"

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maya (maya_the_red) She couldn't hear what he was saying. She doubled over in agony as if someone had punched her. She wiped the tears out her eyes, and turned. "I have to go." She muttered, a throbbing pain still in her head, and ran off into the woods.

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John | 41 comments Feeling like an idiot he walked back to town. Just for a second he stopped, looking up at the full moon, he could've swore he heard a howl. Creeped out, he walked back to his house.

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