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You can chat or post anything off-topic here :)

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Audrey, we should probably continue our discussion on here xD We got a whee bit off topic on the Introduce Yourself board!

Florida is in five days, almost! Hurrah! I'm SOOOO excited! I can hardly stand it.

Today I styled my hair differently. It looks pretty darn nice, especially compared to how I was doing it before. It has much more volume and it cooler. <3

Audrey, is your hair naturally straight or curly? It's straight, right? I remember when we were younger, before we both learned how to style and do our own hair, I'm pretty sure it was bone straight like mine. How in the world did you manage to keep the curls in your hair? It's not fair! Mine won't stay curled! :( I get it from my dad and his bone straight hair.


Elizabeth (Liz) (gonebananaz) | 101 comments You know, I've lived in Georgia for over 2 years and I've still never been to Florida...

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Hahah I know right?!
Lol oh well... It happens :) Now everyone can know everything about the amazing family we have! XD

So how was flordia?! I'm dying to know if you got attacked by sharks again lol

That's awsome, I love it when that happens. How were you doing it before?
And what did you do to it this time?
Oh so I need to figure out a new style for my hair. I have offically decided that I'm bored with my hair being the same style. But I'm scared to cut it cus I really hate it short. Any ideas for me?

Yeah Its straight. I wish It was wavy or something. Its a pain cus it does this weird flippy thing when it drys so I have to straighten it instead of just leaving it alone.
Hahah I have AMAZING hair. Its really thick and it stays way good. I <3 my hair :D

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Emily I used to have really really long hair, like down to my hips and it was super straight and wouldn't curl but then I donated like 15 inches and it was like super super curly and now I have nice curly hair!

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Wow that's awesome! Your so lucky. I wish my hair was curly

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Emily I like curly hair, but its hard to get used to. I have to spend a little while styling it in the morning or its not curly its just really frizzy. I used to have triangle head, but then I discovered layers...

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Yeah I have a freind who has to shower every morning no mattter what other wise her head is this huge fuzz ball lol.
I think it would be hard to work with but its so pretty!

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Emily oh yeah i have to get up really early for school to shower i can;t shower at night but then I feel clean all day...i don't really care about getting up!

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Yeah I bet.
I have to get up early. But I have morning workouts and stuff with my team and then on days when I don't I have to catch the nasty bus :P
I don't really mind getting up either.

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Emily oh yeah my friend is on the swim team and they have practice every morning at 6 and they come to homeroom really late but they have permission to, but its really lucky that the high school has a pool or they would have to drive for like a half hour to get to a pool.

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my high school last year didn't have a pool so the swim team had to meet 15 minutes away and even earlier then normally would so they could get back in time.

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Emily ouch. poor kids!

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I know right!
Its a bit of a pain.

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Emily so what sports do you do?

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Soccer and some volleyball.
I swim but not for my high school or anything becuase its during soccer season.
I play soccer for my high school.

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Emily oh i play soccer but not on the school team. im not good enough!:).

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Hahah I'm sure you are.
What grade are you in?

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Emily No, really, I'm awful. Im not very modest so thats completely the truth. im going into 8th.

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Ok ok... Whatever you say.
Oh well that'[s not too bad. 8th grade was....Interesting for me lol :) But I loved it so its all good.

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Emily oh im not expecting to like 8th any more than 6th or 7th....

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Audrey wrote: "Hahah I know right?!
Lol oh well... It happens :) Now everyone can know everything about the amazing family we have! XD

So how was flordia?! I'm dying to know if you got attacked by sharks agai..."

Yes, we have such an amazing family! I miss them all :(

Florida was amazing! No shark attacks this time... But we got to see dolphins almost 50 yards away from us while we were swimming! And someone caught a shark deep sea fishing. And I'm officially kind of the boogie board ^^ And I have a new crush... oh how joyful like is ^^ But I'm tan, except for my shoulders around my neck. That right there is redish-pink from a sunburn I got deep sea fishing. Fun, fun, fun. And I bought some really nice clothes!

Before I just let it air dry but now I dry it with a roller brush. I use a small brush on the ends and a medium brush on the top layers to give it volume, and I use a roller brush to dry my bangs so they're all cute. Then with the top layers I tease underneath and spray it so I have more volume <3 I got my hair cut in Florida. The ends need to grow a bit more to get exactly what I want, but this is cute, too!

You should get it cut! You know what would look adorable on you? The hair cut where it's long in the front and goes shorter in the back. But you wouldn't have to do it short-short, just the back to your shoulders even. Then you're still probably be able to put it up in a ponytail. I think you'd look gorgeous with short hair, though. But your hair is gorgeous now, too.

My hair is pretty much like that, minus the longness. I used to have it down to my butt, remember that? xD Then I cut it off to my ears. But mine never curls naturally, and it rarely ever actually HOLDS a curl. But I love my hair because it always dries amazingly, no matter what I do to it xD

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Oh I know :( I wanna go to california this summer but I don't think I can. I miss my sissy :( Stupid Jason had to steal her away from me! Grrr ^^ Nah i <3 him.

Yay for amazing! OMG that is so cool! I'm jealous. Whoa that'[s crazy. Really?! Another one? lol. I guess that's pretty exciting. Yay for tan! I'm laying out this week in a tank top and shorts. I need a tan SOOO bad! That way I'm not all stiped anymore XD hahah

I can't do that, Its to complicated, but I guess my hair is pretty long. Yeah I tease my hair, especially when I put it up.

I'm sop scared. Like I have an idea for how I want it cut, but I'm kinda scared cus Idk if my mom will do it the way I want. Adn she wont pay for me to go to a salon or anything so I'm skrewed in that sense. That's usually whyu I just leave it/trim it and everything. I was actually thinking about doing something like that.

Grr your lucky you can just air dry it. My hair goes berzerk when I even try! Oh well :) At least my hair curls :P
Oh my gosh I remember that! And then you had your glasses! Lol You looked like that when we went to disneyland that one year! hahahah We were like what...8? Hahah we looked so little! Good times <333

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Aw, poor Audrey :( At least I didn't have to move yet. I want to move to Florida now, though... except I'd miss everyone here D: That's one of the few reasons I even kind of want to stay here - because I've known everyone for so long.

Yes! Yay for amazing! I had a typo. I meant I'm KING of the boogie board <3 Yeah, another one... But he's 26, so there's not much I can do about it. But he's hilarious, sweet, kind, caring, GREAT with kids, an army guy, and he's not half-bad looking. -headdesk- Why must my feelings be so darned confusing? I think I'm going to start laying out some. I got some short-shorts for over my bathing suit and yard work and stuff and then I have tank-tops. I have this ugly line from my bathing suit that you can see when I wear some of my tank-tops because they go lower than my bathing suit... it kind of sucks xD

It's too complicated because you don't have the time (I have TOO much time) and you have long hair. That way of styling is meant for short hair like mine xD

I was scared when I used to have long hair. When I was nine was the last time I'd cut my hair because I turned 13, I think... It was past my shoulders (probably mid-back?) and then I got up the guts to cut my hair. I'm glad I did. I look SO much better with short hair. I'm petite and long hair doesn't always look that great on petite girls. There are exceptions to that, though, of course! You'd look great with shorter hair. And hey, it's hair, it'll grow back ^^ Maybe go online and find a picture of the hair you want. I usually do it that way. My mom lets me cut my hair however I want, which is nice ^^

Teehee, I'm evil with my hair :K Everyone I know envies it because I don't have to do anything with it and it looks fine. But I tend to blow dry the ends so they'll curl under, but that's all I have to do. Darn you for your curling hair! xD

I have pictures from that still! We were SO tiny! <3 I loved that. Remember Mary Poppins? "Always hold your pinky out when you drink your tea." "We don't drink tea." "Still hold your pinky out." xD

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I know, its had leaving when you've grown up somewhere :( Oh the memories...

26!! Cradle Robber lol! That'[s cool, I love boogie boarding, its a blast. Ooooh army guy? Nice ;) Well I can garentee that your tan lines aren't half as bad as mine. I'm laying out this week alot beacuse I need my back to get tan so I can get rid of the farmer/soccer tan and then my neck and chest from my shirt/swim suit.

I know lol, that's why I can't do it :) hahah. And I have way TOO much time. At least until I get my license, a job, and my parents are done with school.

You look amazing with short hair. I can't picture you with long hair. Yeah my friend says "the smaller the girl, shorter the hair" lol but she's tall and all toned and everything. I've doen that a couple times. My mom does too, its just that since i can't/don't pay her, it doesn't always work.

Ahahah :P

AWW!!! I remember that! ^^ Oh good times! I miss you Jay :P

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Yeah... I've been in Georgia for ten years this month!

Haha xD Cradle robber. He can rob my cradle anytime! B) jkjk He's adorable. Two days ago Grant, Emily's nephew (who is adorable. I'm one of his two girlfriends {my friend Brittney is his other one} but I'm his main girlfriend xD) left to come back here and Levi was there and he was all sad that Grant was gone. He's so cute with the kids <3 -sigh- I wish.

I can guarantee that yours are worse than mine, as well xD I looked like a red and white zebra the second day in Florida. I'd laid out (which was stupid... I was tired so I laid down and got burnt) and I had red on my stomach from lifting my shirt since it was hot, my chest, my back, and some of my legs. It was hilarious. Now it's most a tan.

I have so much time, it's ridiculous. I should use it to be productive, like finishing studying for my GED, but I want to be lazy... B) I need a job, though. Brittney and I were born to be rich since we can spend money so well, but it didn't happen, sadly. Hopefully I'll just get rich.

Aw, thanks ^^ You'd look amazing withs hort hair, too! I can't imagine you with super short hair, though. By super short I mean my current length - to my chin, maybe a little longer. The past two haircuts I've gotten have been free! Hurrah! xD

I miss you too, Audrey Paudrey! ^^

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Wow yeah no kidding. I wouldn't want to leave!

Ahahah Wow! How cute! That's so cool. Guys who are great with kids are my heros! Hahah well not really, but its nice.

Well at least its almost tan though. lol. I need to just pass out on my grass. then I can get burnt/tan or whatever and either way I'll have a nice tan instead of this...whatever I should call it lol.

Goddigger :D YOU don't need to be rich, Just marry rich! lol. I know I need money. I love shopping and stuff and so its a pian. PLus I have to pay my parents back for a ton of crap this summer with soccer && It being my senior year and everything.

No problem. Yeah I know what you mean. Lucky You! I'm jealous. Alothough, all my haircuts are technically free lol.

I think you're the only one who calls me that anymore :D

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I love Georgia, but it's so... the same, for lack of better phrasing xD I want a difference in my life. Plus down where I stayed this time in Florida there were a whole lot of hot guys! And stalkers. Ugh. Brittney, Emily, and I had these weird guys following us and watching us all week! Then I went to the tiki hut, which was a bar, to get virgin drinks and this guy started talking to me and asking where I loved and everything. The creepy thing? He lives in Atlanta! -headdesk- Levi seemed pretty concerned ^^ That was the good thing about it xD

I know. I love it when guys love kids and are good with them. I can't marry a guy who doesn't love kids. I at least want one, if not more. Two seems to be good for me, but then again, things change and it's not my decision, right? He's sweet. I'll have to send you a decent picture of him since I got my photos developed. I'll let you know when I do so you can check it.

That's true. I got really badly burnt, though, when I went fishing. The boat we went on (which was the same as last year) has a top deck that you can go and sit on while going to the destination and coming back. You can sit up there during fishing, too, you just can't fish. Anyway, I laid up there both times to get some sun on my legs and got terribly burnt on my shoulders around my neck. It was blood red and now it's a dark pink, even after peeling. -sigh- Darn sunburns. And I was putting on sunscreen like crazy!

Yes, I am indeed a golddigger... I NEED MONEY! Yes, I'll just go out and find me a sugar daddy ^^ You owe your parents? Usually my parents owe me xD They don't make me pay back for stuff, most of the time. This Florida trip was good since they didn't have to give me any money. I worked my butt off to earn $65 for the fishing trip (which turned out to be just $35) and then to have extra money. In total I almost made $300... all I had left when I got back was $45... after taking my mom and sister to see Harry Potter today and getting my film developed I have about $8 left... -sigh- You're a senior this year? Awesome possum! I should be graduating later this year, hopefully. Hey, maybe we can go to BYU together and be roomies! ^^

Lucky. I've been rather lucky the past two times. The first one was the woman I was babysitting for, for like three weeks. She gave me a free haircut. Then last week I got a haircut from Rosie, Emily's brother's wife. She's so cute - I love her! They live in Germany now, but she used to be my mom's visiting teacher. Funny, huh?

Really? I'm the only one who calls you that? I love it! I almost put Audrey Paudrey Bear, but I forgot. Plus I have another friend whose official nickname from me is Manda Panda Bear, so... yeah B)

I'll go look through those photos to send you one of him <3

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Hahah. Beach guys are my favorite :D all the surf and the asnd must do something cus back in california all the hot guys were ALWAYS at the beach!
Whoa! Crazy! I'd be scared. Well duh he was concerned! Lol You guys were getting stalked! By some weirdo!

Yeah I know what you mean. That's in my top 10 priorities for my guys. I want three, 2 boys and a girl. But Ya never know right? Oooh :D Ok cool. hopefully he's as amazing as you say he his :P I don't want to be let down to hard lol

That's way cool. Wow that's intense! I hate burns like that. I've gotten them beofer but all over my body and everything. They're a pain and they KILL! That crazy you got burnt even with the sunscreen and everything. I usually don't get burnt or anything if I'm wearing sunscreen regularly.

Ahah so am I, no worries there sista! yeah they paid for soccer camp and are paying for all my classes and everything and I feel bad cus they always hold it over me so I'm just gonna write a big fat check and tell then to get over it. Its really a pain. Wow that's awesome! I wish I could earn money like that. I have abnout a $100 right now but it has to go into my savings account for next year/summer. I'm trying to go to hawaii after graduation :DD Of course I am! IS Jill? Do you know? OMG that would be awesome. but I haev no idea If I would get in. My friend thinks I wont because her cousin (who I guess is perfect acedemically) didn't get in. I think I could but I'm going to get my cosmetology license first.

Oh yeah that is pretty lucky lol. Whoa germany?! My friend was an exchange student from germany. her mom used to mail her the Paper with her care packages and everything. I'm gonna miss her :( She had to go home :( Oh well. Ahah that's funny.

Yeah pretty sure. My friend Emma from Cali might every once in a while but its so random I wouldn't really count it.

Okie-Dokie :D

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I LOVE beach guys! They're so gorgeous <3 There were so many hot guys on the beach this summer. I want to move there, desperately. One of them was walking by and I was staring and he looked at me, smiled, and winked! I was flying high after that xD

I was all girls, but then again I want a boy for my hubby to have, you know? I feel kind of bad for my dad since he doesn't have a boy, but my sister and I are tomboys, so we like all guy things... well, most guy things. I love video games and action movies and sports and guns and such... But I also like the girly things, like clothes and make-up, and my hair xD I'm more of a tomgirl than anything, I guess. So maybe one boy, one girl. I definitely want a girl, though. Trust me, he is. I just sent the pictures, so go check your email!

I know, it's terrible. I haven't gotten a sunburn this bad since... well, I don't remember when. But this one was terrible. If I'd gotten it just a little worse it probably would've turned into a giant blister x.x

Ugh, that would suck. I'd hate for my parents to hold that stuff over me like that! My parents don't do that. My mom reminds me, I make arrangements for paying it back (depending on how much it is) and then pay it back ASAP. They don't really bother me about it unless I forget and spend my money on other things.

I only earned money like that because I babysat for this lady, Michelle, for three weeks. The last day I got $40 instead of $20 because her husband told her that she needed to because I was awesome ^^ I was pretty happy. And the week before that I got $120 or $130. Then I had other babysitting jobs, and money from my grandma who won part of the lottery or something and the jackpot at bingo (the jackpot is $1,100) so I got $25 from her. If I hadn't had to buy a new phone from my first week of babysitting (in total I babysat 4 weeks, spaced out) I would've had over $340... I could've bought a laptop! It helps that I'm home schooled during the year, though ^^ I just wish I could get my job back so I could be paid often. That would be nice.

I don't know if Jill is. I think she's a senior. She's the same age as you. You guys are only, what, 8 months older than me? Isn't Jill the oldest out of all of us? Oooh, I should totally save for Hawaii! Would you mind me going? B) I hear that they have some pretty amazing waves... I want to go there so badly! I want to get in, but I've heard that too. My friend Lorraine didn't get accepted and she was amazing in school, which makes me kind of scared, ESPECIALLY since I'm home schooled. Ugh. Oh, than you could cut my hair for free! xD jk, I'd totally pay you. You need money, too!

Yeah, Germany. I don't remember why, exactly. That's awesome and sad at the same time.

That's funny xD Oh well, now it can just be my nickname for you! I give all of my friends nicknames. You're Audrey Paudrey, then I have Manda Panda Bear, Gerda Berta, Britt-Britt, Lemily, Katie Daity... hmm, I can't think of any more xD I'm sure I have more. OH! Kirsten is Kirsiroo... Someone else came up with that but I call her that, anyway.

I think I may call you tonight or tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow, and what time would be best, in case I can't tonight?

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Its always been my dream to live on the beach. But its so expense so I would have to be RICH ;) Not like that would be a problem. -shifty eyes- lol. AWW! That's awesome! I would have been too! :D

Yeah I know what you mean. That's my big thing too. Yeah but I bet he's ok with it. You and Ashton are pretty "tomboyish" so its all good. He will survive :) I like a lot of that stuff too. I think it really depeneds on how you grow up and everything...if that makes sense. Like I was always playing sports and everything so Makeup and clothes weren't ever really on my mind till about 8th grade. Oh my gosh Yeah I did. I saw them :) He is pretty cute ;D

Ouch! Yeah that would have been horrible. My friend Jessica had that happen to her just recently. She was out working in the yard and was already super sunburnt from practice and the previous day and it started blistering so she had to put this special bandage thing on it and everything. She has scars now. I feel so bad for her, that must have been torture!

That's the thing though, they've never done this before. And it wasn't all that much. $160 for soccer camp and they would have been paying almost that much bac in cali for girls camp alone! SO I don't get what the problem is.

I love it when that happens. ^^ Its the best. (My mom once told someone to pay me less! Can you believe that!? I was so angry, but they didn't, lol they said I desevered it all.) Yeah that's awesome, that would have been cool if you had gotten one. But spending the money in Flordia was probably better ^^ lol. I get pretty good babysitting jobs but the problem is that everyone wants a bsitter on friday and I'm not always free. And we have a lot of girls that babysit so its not that often that I get a job. I'm actually probably babysitting sometime for like 9 hours or so. My YW pres. is going to a concert and she wants me to watch her kids.

I think so too, but at the same time I don't think she is. She might be a grade below me. Yeah she's the oldest but I think I started school first. I'm not sure, I'll have to ask her. Of Course you can come! Me and my best friend were planning on it but idk how well it will work out lol. But I'm so going no matter what lol. They do, I wanna learn how to surf! I think it would be so much fun! XD

Yeah I'm really worried about the whole schooling thing. But I think if I don't get in, I'll go to Utah state (maybe) or a community college and transfer in. Hahah I'd totally do it for free. You don't have to pay me!

I wanna go to Germany. But I pretty much want to go everywhere! lol. I know :\ Ah well.

Hahah I have nicknames for a lot of my friends but they're not that creative :P lol. That's cool though.

Um, tomorrow would probably be best. I do have Mutual from 7-8:30 but we usually end early. I'm excited, we're making pizza and celebrating Sara's birthday and doing this read-a-thon for the BoM for Girl's Camp. But yeah, other then that I'm free.

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I want to live on the beach, but at the same time I don't. It costs so much money but then what about hurricanes, or floods, or tsunamis, you know? Natural disasters + beach houses = terrible things x.x I want a beach house terrible, though. Or maybe just a vacation house. Or I could live just a few minutes away from the beach... I don't know xD I'm a nerd when I think this stuff through. But I want to be able to go to the beach EVERY DAY! That would be a dream come true ^^ Oh yeah, Audrey, because you're so rich ^^ I wish...

I was the same way. It wasn't until a guy moved into my ward when I was 12 or 13 that I started even kind of caring what I looked like. But I started wearing foundation and dark eye make-up around the age of 12 1/2? That was when my rebellious phase started xD I was always the tomboy as a child, and I still am... I'm just a little more girly now xD I know, isn't he? I wish ;.;

Ick, that sucks! Luckily I didn't blister, but I think I might end up scarring a bit with this one x.x

That's really weird. I would be really annoyed xD My mom only holds things over my head that I can't do anything about x.x Like last night I was talking to my old friend, Gerda, on the phone for the first time in over a year. I "woke her up" at 2:15AM and she got pissed at me, so now today she's mentioned it I think 5 times in an annoyed tone? Ugh, it really ticks me off... I can't do anything about it now.

Oh my gosh. If my mom told someone to pay less I'd be so mad. But my mom actually tells people to pay more than what I would say xD I saw $5.50, she says $6-6.50... But my mom thinks that past job was a rip-off because I probably could've made $300, at least, for that entire week in normal circumstances because I worked about 75+ hours each week, when it was Monday through Friday. But I was fine with it since they're having financial troubles and such. I would hate to live in a ward where I rarely got babysitting jobs. I have two main families that I babysit for. The one I've babysat since the kids were infants so they're like my own now, and one that I just recently restarted babysitting this year. Then there are a few other families mixed in occasionally, but at least I get some, right? ^^

Oh, really? that's odd. Hurrah! I can come! ^^ I want to go surfing so badly. My friend Brooke told me she'd take me last summer, but she didn't, so she told me she'd go this summer, but she hasn't... I want to go! x.x Boogie boarding seems like child's play compared to surfing xD Hey, maybe we'd get a hot instructor, too? -.^

I'm worried about it, too. It's coming too quickly! D: I don't want to go to school more, but I know that I should, and pretty much that I have to if I want to have a slightly-easier success, you know? I'm going to do the first few years here for free under the Hope Scholarship and then apply to BYU ^^

I want to take a tour of Europe. That would be amazng <3

xD They're creative? I just rhymed, for most of them. Thanks!

Alright, I'll try to call you soon ^^

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Yeah I know. I do the smae thing. But places like California don't get hurricanes. (at leaast not yet lol) -knocks on wood- But they're so beaustiful. Having a vaction house on the beach would be amazing! It would be fun. Living close to beach is good too. I want to be with in walking distance, ya know. and I don't mean like 8 miles lol. I mean a few minutes :DD You know it! Actually I will by this sunday. I'm babysitting all day for two people in my ward. YAY ME! :D

Hahah I remember that. That was the summer I can out right? It was weird cus I was all pretty and you...weren't :D lol but its all good now :D you can check rebelious stage of your bucket list XD jkjk I'm definitly a girlie-girl. But I don't mind cus I can get down and dirty and I can be pretty aggresive and I'm athletic so its not like I'm the kind of girl who screams when a ball rolls my way.

Ouch, that really sucks. Just buy that scar cream stuff that makes it (supposedly) dissapear.

Yeah my mom does that too. I think its mostly my dad just cus he's all freaking out over the money thing and everything. Ahahah that's awesome :P I love talking on the phone till like 3 in the morning. Its the best cus your so tired you can't even concentrate half the time on what you're saying! :D

Oh I was mad! But it was kinda like whatever at the same time. my mom has also told me that I need to tell people I charge minimum wage and I'm like "WHOA" lol. Yeah I haev two families I abbysit for regualary. With one of them I'm the only one who babysit their kids cus the baby (he's actually probably like 2-3) screams the entire for everyone but me! I love it. They're the best kids. They're the ones I spoil :D

I know. Nessa went a while back. I was so jealous! One of my friends in California is learning and I'm mad cus I wont be able to have her teach me :'( Oh well I guess I'll juat have to another time. I know, It really kinda is lol. Ooo :D I like that idea :D

Ugh, I know what you mean! Its really a pain, But its better to do it now then wait. Oh that's cool. What's the Hope Scholarship?

Oh my gosh! YES! I want to go see allt he sights. America seems so boring when you think about Europe lol.

Hahaha, I thought they were lol. Your welcome!

Ok cool :D

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Uh huh, they do! Isn't there one right off the coast of Southern California right now? I know that there's at least a tropical storm out there, because it's creating huge swells that people are body surfing xD I wish I was there right now :( A guy died, though. He got slammed up into the rocks while body surfing. Ouch. I want to live right next to the beach, too. Right now, please. ^^

Psh, thanks Audrey. Now my self-esteem level is so higgh! xD jkjk I know what you mean. I was very tomboyish then and had no idea what the heck to do to make myself look prettier. Well... I guess you could call that the beginning of my rebellious stage. Funny thing is? I started really straightening up before falling hard. It was more around late twelve, early thirteen when I started getting really rebellious.

I think it's actually going away now, thank goodness. It isn't scarring, as far as I know! Hurrah! ^^

Oh, yeah, I can see that happening. I got in trouble for being on the phone with her that late because apparently I "woke" my mom up, even though I wasn't doing anything to do that.

Say what? He-he-heck no. My mom wants me to get as much for my work as possible, which is why she was a little aggravated with me babysitting for that long and only getting however much money. That's how Clarissa and Kelsey are for me! Since I've been babysitting them since they were newborns and I babysat them like all week, all the time they're attached to me. So now if it's anyone but me they cry and scream for a while xD I feel blessed.

I wish! I want to go so badly!

The Hope Scholarship is a scholarship for the state where you can go to any college (I think) within the state for free, basically. I think that's how it is, anyway, I'm not positive. If not for free than for a very small amount of money. But you have to have lived here for a certain amount of time and everything, so... yeah xD

That's because we've lived in America for so long xD I just want to visit... I don't want to live there. They're so messed up B)

I changed my picture... I don't know if this one is really good, though. I like the coloring, but... -headdesk- I have no clue xD

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They're not hurricane's though. At least I've never heard them classified as that and I lived there for how long? They're just storms. Yeah I know, It can happen. Its dangerous out there and I'm sure he knew the risks he was taking. I know me too.

Hahah ^^ sorry. Uh oh....naughty nuaghty :) lol, nah its all good. You cleaned up before getting in serious trouble or gettting hurt or something so its no big deal. And you had it young so you wont have to worry (hopefully) about going through anythihng like it agian :) -knocks on wood-

Yeah In know. Your lucky, my parents do too but I want a real job, not just babysitting or whatever and its hard cus up until last like thursday the car wasn't registered so I can't get my lisense. Its really frustrating cus I REALLY need the money for school and soccer and everything, like life, and I can't pay for it all with a few babysitting jobs. I've been sdoing good though, I made a hundred this weekend alone and I'm babysitting next friday too.

I know, seriously!! AH!

Oh that's way cool. That would be aawesome if it was any college, then you wouldn't have to worry about any of the fees and you'de be close to home and everything. which would be nice.

Ahahah ^^ I know right! But yeah, I would love to just take a year and travel and travel XD I think it would be amazing, but I would never have the money so I would have to settle for vacations and my honeymoon lol.

OMG I LOVE IT! I think its way awesome, Question though, why is it always just half your head? I don't get it lol.

OMG I almost got in a major car wreck today! Our highway is under major consrtuction and so there are a ton of those ugly orange cones around, well theyre placed funny so that you have to drive on the opposite side of the road, well I had no idea I was supposed to go around it and there was a huge semi coming and my mom was in the car (I was driving) and we almost slammed into the cone and then luckily I got around it and ontu the other side before I got hit but I totally could have like died! AH! It was scary :\

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I asked my dad... I only post this because his response was hilarious xD He said "I didn't pay attention to the weather like you. All I know was 'ah crap, it's raining' or 'aw crap, it's raining AND hailing'!" He made me laugh so hard xD He's hilarious.

Psh, honey, I'm going to go through another rebellious stage whether anyone likes it or not! B) jkjk, seriously. Rebelliousness is scary (because I hate getting caught and punished) yet exciting (because I could get caught and punished) but it's certainly not worth it again. I've earned my parent's trust, I don't want to have to earn it again, you know? You've gone through a rebellious stage too, right?

I want a real job, but at the same time, I don't. I'm too lazy to work. That's why I'll GLADLY become the stay-at-home-mom/homemaker with a little author in there. Wait... stay at home moms work the equivilant of 3 full time jobs... Oh, joy. I hope I have good kids xD I want a real job, kind of... I'd love to be a lifeguard, or work at the Georgia capital, which I may be doing if my mom gets a job there ^^ Exciting!

I think it's for any college in Georgia. From what the website said, I'm pretty sure. But it depends on your SAT/ACT scores and such, and I don't think it's entirely a full scholarship. I think it's only part. But hey, that's automatically a part scholarship! ^^ I want to move down to Florida, though, so hopefully I can get a scholarship to a college down there? I could move in with Ms. Allison, my "second mom" in a sense. She's my mom's best friend and I love her to death <3

I'll just get rich and famous and then I'll take you everywhere! xD That'll solve everything.

Half of my head??? o.O I don't understand xD But I'm exhausted, so maybe it's just me.

AH! That's crazy! Don't die, Audrey! That's freaky! I don't want you to die :(

So, you know my crush? If you don't (not the one that's older than me - sadly, he left for the middle-east yesterday D: I didn't even get to see him!) email me and I'll tell you. Anyway, he's in Utah right now (the one I wanted you to hit with a shovel!) and he got a friggin' mohawk! I saw the picture and started laughing so loudly. So I sent him a text that said "Nice haircut :)" and am awaiting a response, if he gives me one. I text him last week, too, and he never responded :K

On Tuesday I'll be 16! Whooo! Officially allowed to date xD Sadly, all of the guys I like are idiots. >:( So annoying!

My birthday's on August 4th.
Obama's birthday is on August 4th... :(

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Ahahah that's awesome!
Your dad is awesome, I love him. He makes me laugh ^^ that is seriously funny though lol.

Hahahah nice nice XD. Oh I totally know what you mean. Its that adrenilen rush that you get when you know your breaking all the rules and everything and yet it freaks you out becuse you're bnreaking all the rules. Happenes all the time. Psh DUH!! Seriously, try like all of high school so far lol. But its all good, I'm getting better :DD

yeah I know right. I am too, at least durning the summer even though it'll give me something to do...I don't want to have to, ya know? Ahahah yeah well good luck with that! They say you'll always get one exactly like you so hopefuly you were a good kid lol :DD I would love to be a lifegaurd. My friend Hannah is and she hates it. She says its the most boring job ever even though you get to tan and everything. Oh wow! That is way cool!

Yeah well that's still cool. They have some nice colleges down there. My friend is living with her brother down there and going to school part time and she likes it. Well yeah, at least its a scholarship! lol. Aw how fun would that be?! I would love to room with my best friend in college, at least the first year because I think it would make everything less scary and WAAAY more fun :D

Ah! Perfect! Its a plan ;D hahaha

Where did that even come from? Lol I think your going CRAZY! lol

OHMIGOSH! I know I was totally freaking. I almost had a serious panic attack and that would have been the worst possible thing ever! Ugh It was insane! -shivers- I sure hope that never happens again!

Oh yeah I'm like 99% sure I know which one your talking about. Oh my gosh no way! That's crazy! I think they're so ugly! :P BLECH! This kid from my old ward (way cute by the way,. but kinda short...pity ;) lol) Was always bleaching his hair blonde (he has dark brown hair) until I told him how horrible it looked and then Just recently I saw pictures on his myspace, and he bleached his hair AND got a mohawk! I was like "DUDE! EW!" lol I think its so lame when guys do stuff like that to their hair, especially when it looks horrible ^^ lol

AHHHHH!!!!! Watch out everyone!! ;D jkjk I love you! That is so exciting! Any big dat1s?! I'll have to call you or something then and wish you a happy birthday plus talk to you lol since we haven't talked in FOOORever :) Yeah well boys are pretty much idiots forever, might as well except it now XD lol

Why does everyone hate him? I mean I can understand it during elections and everything, but he is your president really should support him. Other wise the entire country is gonna go to the dogs, which really would be good.
And yeah I know some of his ideas aren't the best, but he's trying so I mean give the guy a break, the country got messed up with Clinton and people wanted his dumb wife in the seat so what's wrong with Obama?

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I know, right? xD

Seriously! I get scared when I do something I know is wrong, which isn't a bad thing at all. At least I know it's wrong, right? At least you are getting better. I figured you were when we were in Big Bear last year, but I wasn't sure if you were over it yet xD

Yeah, I know what you mean. My mom said that if we don't get some slack and stuff in bills and everything that I'll have to get a job to help out x.x Bleck. So, then I wouldn't have as much fun money! ;.; Oh great, I'll have a terror-child xD Just kidding, I'm not THAT bad. I used to be, though. Gosh, I was a mean little bratty kid when I was little. Remember that? I don't think I was towards you, though. I don't know why I was ever that way.

Yeah, they do. I was thinking of going to Columbia College like my parents, but I'm not sure. Maybe Chattahoochee Tech... I have no clue xD Yeah, she's awesome. I adore her so much. She's so sweet and everything. If we were catholic, she'd be considered mine and Ashton's godmother ^^

Sure, let me just get on that xD

Oh! I just reread your picture question. It's always half of my head because 1) I can't ever get a decent full-head shot and 2) I always take the pictures myself xD I have better pictures when it's only half of my head. But this one has more of my head than the last one! ^^

That's so scary. I would've freaked. The first time I tried driving around my neighborhood my mom started yelling at me so I got distracted and almost ran into our lawn xD I only hope it doesn't end up worse when I'm on the road...

Yeah. He's pretty much on the idiot scale for me right now, sadly. But I still adore him, you know? He asked his mom if he should dye it red or blue and she told him to go blue so he'd look more like an idiot and couldn't tell that she was mad about it xD I love his mom. She's so hilarious. Ew... that's gross. Bleaching your hair is so damaging, it's ridiculous!

Only watch out if I could get my license, which I can't since I don't have my permit. I'm just going to wait until I'm 17 since I don't need my permit when I'm 17 to take driver's ed and get my license and such ^^ I have no big dates :K I don't know any decent guys right now. I mean, a good majority of them are decent but I don't... like them, you know? I might as well accept it now... Gosh darnit xD

Oh, Audrey... -shakes head- I need to talk to you about this man :) Yes, he is president. I respect the position 100%. But if you look at what he wants to do to this country, he's pretty much socialist, which is only a step away from what Hitler was and what China is - communist. We do need to show him what we need done, but what people think we need done could ruin our country. Universal healthcare, one of the things planned to happen shortly, will be like the income tax - it will never go away. And it costs a lot more than we think. I sent you and all of my friends an email with some facts about the Healthcare bill that you should read. You'll probably find it interesting.

Now, other then that? He made partial-birth abortions legal, which is completely disgusting. It's technically murder. He's raising taxes, which are high enough already, since he claims that money to the government is money circulated through the economy... yeah, except that the government is so greedy at this point that they just keep on spending and spending... We're several trillion dollars in debt already, I think we should stop spending and printing money so that the dollar doesn't fall flat on its face. The dollar is currently losing its worth because they continue to print money. Oh, and by the way, the healthcare bill puts us another trillion dollars in debt nationally and will socialize 15-20% of our economy.

The government is setting up a bill (I think) that makes us use the eco-friendly lightbulbs... It's filled with toxic mercury. It costs hundreds of dollars to clean one of those up if it breaks on your floor, rather than just sweeping up a regular bulb.

Oh, and another thing he's trying to pass through the senate now. Cap-and-trade, which would force us all to be taxed based on our "carbon footprint". Taxing is high enough, don't you think?

And that's just the beginning, sadly xD
Sorry for the rant... It just gets me annoyed.

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Hahah yeah its always good. Once you stop haviong that feeling, its time to stop. Oh lol yeah :D hahah it went on pretty much until the end of the schiool year, but I vowed to stop. I'm over it all anyways. Aaaaand I kinda got busted XD lol But tis no biggy, I'll live lol.

Ugh, that would be horrible. I think I would cry if I had to pay bills and everything like that. It would suck. I'm already being threatened with my school stuff and that's nothing! Ahahah probably :DD jkjk. Nah, I don't remember, but I've heard stories and stuff. I was never a brat to anyone until ai was a little older I think. I was pretty sweet but it all went down hill around 3rd/4th grade lol.

Yeah that would be cool. Get to experiance everything like them. I know I have no clue either, at least I have a year to work it all out. Well too bad your not catholic :P lolol that's way cool, I wish I had someoone like that.

Ok, I'll be waiting XD

Its all good :P Oh, hahah I'm so conceited, I'm constantly talking pictures of myself :P lol. Its all good though, I love your pictures. I can never tak a decent half head shot lol.

Ahahah that's awesome. My Dad is a nightmare to drive with. He gets so....AH! lol. Which is weird becayse it used to be my mom that did that but her nad my dad seriously switched roles after the move and everything. Which is a point. ;) Well just don't hit anyone/anything :P lol

Yeah I know exactly hat you mean. Its kinda like a love-hate relationship thing going on. Hhahah yeah I'd do blue :P lol.

Well good thing I don't live near you :DD (jkjk) otherwise you'd have to call us every morning you were driving! hahahah nah its all good. I wasn't the best driver at first. Its nerve wraking! Well that's too bad... ah well I guess :P They'll attack sooner or later! hahah! Yeah that's always a problem, I don't really like anyone either. hahah ok good. It'll make your life WAAAY easier.

Psh, whatever. -shakes head- I know all about the stupid heal;th care plan and its a load of bull! I can't believe he would even consider something like that but I would say he's trying to make us a socialist/communist/whatever country. And yeah the governement is greedy but so is EVERY country. We will never really get out of that debt. Its practically all because of China anyways and we might as well just sell California to them. (the states already in the dog house :( sadly) I know about the money. We're in huge trouble but seriousl;y, I can't see a whole lot that he could do.

Of course abortion is muder but they still have the death penalty don't they? Abortions would have continued no matter what, might as well make it legal and safer for those idiots that want to get one in the first place.

That's ridiculous but I can't see how anyone with brains would let something like that pass. especially all the adults that have kids sitting in the house/senate.

Ok so some of his ideas are uot there but it doesn't mean everything will get passed. But he has to throw all the ideas out there so that SOMETHING will be done while he's president.

Hahahah nah its all good :D really, don't mind at all. I think your the only person who likes to talk about this stuff and knows what they're talking about :D

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Oh, hahaha xD You got caught? So, THAT'S why you stopped xD No worried, that's why/how I stopped too. I got caught with a document cussing like crap xD It was horrible... But I was only grounded for four days. Nice, right?

I don't mind, as long as the rest I'm able to use however I want. I think I'm going to try to save up $1,000-2,000 to buy a special laptop. The brand is alienware, and they're friggin' amazing. They're built specially to play video games and they look SO cool! xD Anyway... I just have to pay for tuition and supplies and housing... no big deal :) jkjk, kind of. Some of that will be taken care of. My parents said that if I go to college full-time and have at least a part-time job than I can stay at home and I won't have to pay rent ^^ I hope I don't have to work something like 3 full time jobs. I would thoroughly hate life. That was the same with me! I was nice up until around 3rd grade and then I was a brat towards my friends and I was a sweet little angel to all of the adults, except my parents xD

If I get high enough scores on the GED I can have a 6 month break, I think, is what my mom said. I'm planning on taking the GED sometime after February next year since my parents don't have the money for me to take it this year. Gr :K But at least I have more time to study!

No pressure on me! xD

I love taking pictures but I always hate the ones that I end up with... So I just end up deleting most of them xD

I'm so scared to drive! Like, totally freaked out. That's why I've been putting off getting my permit. I'm so beyond scared... bleck. My parents say that I'm the weird child because I don't want to drive (which they both wanted to do by 16) and I don't really care to have a good boyfriend-girlfriend relationship (which they both had done already, or wanted to do by this age)... I'm very peculiar xD

Yes! Exactly. I'm so annoyed with him... :K You still have to go smack him upside the head with a pan, 'kay? Go do that today, please :)

Ditto, girly. Hearing your near-accident story makes me never want to be around when you drive! xD No, jkjk... I think that all teens who get a driver's license should have to put a sticker on the back of their car that says that they did, so that people can be wary of their actions xD Yes, because guys really want to attack me to date me... -sigh- I know that guys DO have crushes on me, but at the same time I don't think they do, or I seriously wonder why they do xD I can be such an idiot sometimes... I'm very honest about that. I don't mean to be but I am.

Stupid healthcare. Gr. He ticks me off. Still, you need to go read that email I sent you. There are petitions for the healthcare thing that you should sign and that you need to send to everyone you know. I don't want it passed at all!

Yes, all governments are greedy, but they can only feed that greediness when we elect the officials that are going to tax us more money, but cheat on their taxes anyway, and make us do certain things that would give them more, but take from us. And we'll most certainly NEVER get out of debt if they keep spending like they are. I have a good example that I'll have to take pictures of to kind of emphasize the whole debt thing, though I'm sure you get it xD My mom and I went to a political meeting and thought the example was so cool, so we did one ourselves. It's awesome and very eye-opening. Which is funny since we knew the idea, but we never really REALIZED it until we saw it like this.

I'm not talking about regular abortions. I don't believe that those were ever illegal. Bush would've had to go through some trouble to make those illegal. They've been legal since... the 70's or 80's, I think, after a court case. I'm talking about partial-birth abortions. They take the baby during labor, twist it around so that its feet come out first, stab the baby in the back of the head, and then vacuum out its brains. It's disgusting beyond belief and should be considered murder. And the death penalty is entirely different. First of all, it's not decided on a national level - it's decided at a state level and it should be that way. Second of all, those sonuvvabeeps deserved it entirely. The baby is innocent and had no say - those pigs who get it obviously earned it. I think regular abortions should remain legal - I just think that partial-birth abortion is disgusting and should be considered murder.

It's already passed congress, that's why it's going through the senate now. I can see it passing since pretty much everyone underneath Obama is on his side/democrat/socialist. Obama has basically the "perfect" government right now, since a good majority/most of them agree with his ideas. And then cap-and-trade would be like the income tax, as well - it would never go away, even if they say it will. I think Sweden has it right now (among some other very stupid taxes) and has had it for a while and it's still not gone.

If we keep giving to the government (and electing officials who want us to keep giving) they'll just keep taking until there's nothing left to take. Power given slowly is power quickly taken.

No, it doesn't mean that everything will get passed, yet. He's doing everything much too quickly, but that's because his approval rates are dropping. There are reasons he's already lost 1% of his voters so far. Which might not seem big, but if you look at Bush's years compared to Obama's term so far, Obama's practically running to Bush's end. I hope Obama ends with the a worse approval rating than Bush xD That would be ironic.

Yay! xD I love this stuff. I kind of want to become a politician, but being a libertarian I probably wouldn't end up being elected, anyway x.x Libertarians never are, sadly...

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Ahahah well I wont say I was caught...its not like I was doing anything when my madre finally...well. ANYWAYS she just came across some stuff and yeah. That was the end of it. She now HATES ,literally and with a major passion, my ex boyfriend/best friend and so I'm like screwed lol. But yeah, that's lucky for you.

Yeah I know what you mean. Housing is so expensive. Don't they realize we're college students! lol XD But yeah my cousin on my dad's side workes full time and goes to school full time all year. I think its insane but she has car, phone, and college payments and now that her lover is coming home form his mission she has to save up for a wedding lol.
Ahahah yeah I understnad perfectly. I was always an angel to adults. With the exception of my parents XD but I think that's how most kiddies are.

I'm scared of taking a long break just cus Britt did and well it DEFINITLY didn't do her any good. I'll at least take the summer off so I can go on a road trip and to Cali and maybe hawaii <3. Just be glad you can study. And you really should study lol. It'll help I'm sure. But I have no idea how the whole GED thing works since I'm in high school lol.

Hahahah XD

Oh I know. I can spend an hour (if I'm really that bored) just taking and deleting pictures of myself. I feel like a nerd but it takes time to get that "perfect" shot lol. SO I guess it's no biggy.

Well there's n othing wrong with it. Does Georgia have a driversd ed program? like with the driving courses and everything? Cus that will help. It did for me because you learn the basic skills and things that you'll (mostly) use in every day life. Hahah yeah I don't want a boyfriend this year. That's my goal. To not have one as a senior because I've had at least one every year since seventh grade.

OK. I will get right on that. lol

OH MEAN! ^^ lol nah, jkjk. Yeah I guess so but there are some amazing new drivers out there. My friend Jessica is one of them. I don't think Ive ever seen someone be so careful on an empty road. There are plenty of reasons for them to like you. And so what, everyone is every once in a while. Especially me lol. Being an idiot make life more entertaining for every one else XD

I think I did. At least some of it. I'll go through and look at it again. I don't either. Its stupid and the whole thing is just begging for the suicide rate to go up! It's rediculous.

Well yeah I know that. But we can't keep a country running without spending. That's just a disaster waiting to happen! I will admit that they could lessen it up and everything but they have to spend or else nothing will get fixed or started or finished. Oh that's cool. I want to go to one but I have no one to do something like that with :'( lol

Oh. OK yeah I see what your saying. That is pretty disgusting. Ew. Why would anyone do something like that anyways?! But abortions can be expensive and not everyone has the money. People do just let babies die or they get back alley abortions done in almost the same way. Its disgusting but the black market exsistes everywhere and they're careful enough to not let anyone know what's really going on. Yes I think its wrong though.
So we're going murder someone to prove that murder is wrong? Just give them the life sentence out in the middle of nowhere! Why should you kill someone? And I know Its done on a state level and if it was done on a national level that would just be unfair but I really don't think it should be legal either.

I'm sure it wouls pass since he does have everything he could want right now. I don't see the problem with income taxes, they have helped the country out before...I think lol. I might have my taxes mixed up, my APUS history class is kinda a blurr right now. but anyways... Swednen is a totally different story. They don't have the same amount of people or the same size of a country like we do. What works for someone might not work for some one else which I think obama needs to realize; but you never know. It could do alot for us. ONly time will tell. ANd hey, if it doesn't work and they realize that then maybe they'll revoke it and "POOF" end of story.

Amen to that...

Of course his approval rates are dropping! Ugh he's driving everyone insane. He needs to slow down and take a look at what the country realy is. Oh I know how much that can really affect everything. If he does that would be pathetic because of what everyone's sayoing about him.

Hahah I know. Its fun lol. Yeah, well you never know. Poeple never though the country would have a black man sitting at its head and well, that happened. You just have to able to convince people to be on your side.

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Ooooh... That's bad xD

Ick, I don't want that to happen x.x But I might end up doing it. Actually, I'll probably have to unless I go to college in the state that my parents are living in xD Or Ms. Allison is living in. ^^

GED is to get the high school diploma ^^ I'm working on that currently. I'm about halfway through the books right now, so it shouldn't be too long until I finish. And then once I finish those I'll be taking practice tests and such, and then working on studying for my ACT/SAT. Fun, fun, fun...

Haha xD Don't feel like a nerd. I do that. Except, not an hour. Maybe 30 minutes, since it's my dad's camera xD

Yeah, they have driver's ed here ^^ My mom's going to teach my defensive driving, I think. Or (since she never really has patience with me, and vise versa) I might just take a class on defensive driving. Every accident I've been in has been with my dad xD He doesn't know defensive driving, hence why I'm taking it! xD Oh, good goal! But you've jinxed yourself. Now you're going to meet an ultra amazing guy and fall in love and have a boyfriend for your senior year of high school! ^^

Please, do! I need you to knock some sense into him for me! He's only 2,000 miles away, maybe I can manage it B)

No, I'd feel safer driving if I knew who else was a new driver xD That way I could avoid them as best as possible! And people could avoid me, as well xD I don't want to entertain people by being an idiot, though xD I'm just too blunt, and straight-forward, and I don't think about what I'm saying until it's too late. I just need to stitch my mouth shut, then there'll be no more problems! Whoo!

Yeah, go read it thoroughly. Those three facts, suck x.x The "Dying With Dignity" classes are all about having those chronically ill and older people kill themselves with a pill so that they can stop being such a burden on society. So, you're going to make a 4 year old with cancer go to that? I think that's sick an wrong. I'd have to go to those, along with my sister and mom.

Actually, if they stopped spending so much our economy would get fixed a lot quicker. Take this for example. There was a depression in the 1920s. Very few people know about this depression because they don't teach it in the public schools. The president didn't do anything to fix it, didn't spend a penny, just sat back and when he started to think that maybe he should help we were already on our way back up. Now, take the 1930s GREAT depression. It was just a depression at first and then as SOON as FDR stepped in and started trying to help out it turned into the great depression. If government spending was lessened, if they stopped taxing and bailing out people who are failing and just let us take control we might have a little trouble at first because we're trying to recover, but in the end we'd be fine like the 20's.

I'm not saying that the black market would go away. But if you're going to have an abortion, do it when the baby isn't physically and scientifically alive. There's no reason to have partial birth abortion. Even the people I know who are pro-choice say that partial birth abortion shouldn't be legal, because technically speaking it's murder. I think regular abortion should be legal, but there's no reason for partial birth abortion. Ever.

So, you really want people like Saddam Hussein sitting in a jail somewhere in the middle of nowhere, so that terrorists are able to attack the jail, bust him out, and end up letting go a bunch of other disgusting, evil people? Honestly, if they get the death penalty, they deserved it. I don't think everyone who commits a crime should get the death penalty - I think it should be used minimally. But if someone is a murderer-rapist I'd rather him be dead than even possibly have the chance to break out and walk free. Imagine that someone took Katie, raped her, beat her, and then murdered her, and had done this to several other people and kids. Wouldn't you want him dead so that he never had the chance to get free and do that to someone else?

Income taxes is just another way to get more money from the people. The founding fathers never actually wanted us to be taxed. The income tax was just an idea meant for that time during WWI, I think, and they still haven't gotten rid of it. It's one of those things that if the government places it, you can't get rid of it. You could try, and perhaps you'd be successful, but it would take a long time.

Yes, Sweden is a totally different story. My point is that cap-and-trade is totally screwing them over (along with a tax where you have to give 81% of your yearly income to the government. Crazy, right?) and they can't get rid of it. All cap-and-trade can honestly do is give us higher taxes and make things worse for us taxpayers. We already have high enough taxes, taxing based on carbon footprint is just stupid and will make our situation worse. And they can't get rid of it - if they put it in it would take forever to get rid of and every president only has eight years each, if they're reelected. It would take longer than that.

Yeah. He took what, 3 months to pick a family dog, but he's trying to get everything done in one summer for the country? He needs to sit back and take things slowly.

That's very true ^^

message 45: by Halley (new)

Halley (jacketgirl) | 103 comments Wow you write a lot.

message 46: by Jayda, Future NYT Bestseller! © (last edited Jul 30, 2009 04:35PM) (new)

Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
Yes, I/we do xD Funny thing? Half, or more, of my last post is all about politics. Man, do I love that stuff <3

message 47: by Halley (new)

Halley (jacketgirl) | 103 comments Really? I find it boring.

message 48: by Jayda, Future NYT Bestseller! © (last edited Jul 30, 2009 07:14PM) (new)

Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
I love it ^^ Plus, it affects our country, which ultimately affects us, so it's important, too.

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Halley (jacketgirl) | 103 comments Good point but I think they make two big a deal about stuff on the news.

message 50: by Jayda, Future NYT Bestseller! © (new)

Jayda | 2300 comments Mod
Oh, stuff on the news is kind of different from real politics xD All news stations but Fox are left-wing biased. Fox is right-wing biased, which is why I watch them ^^

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