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Do Nigerians read?

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message 1: by Ebimoboere (new)

Ebimoboere Boleigha (ebiboleigha) | 5 comments Mod
this isnt the first time this question is being asked. its actually a question that has been asked for years and out of persiverance im asking again, do Nigerians read? and if they do, is there any proof?

message 2: by Somi (new)

Somi (somiekhasomhi) I am a Nigerian, and I read.

A lot of us read. Do we buy books? that's another matter.

message 3: by Moses (new)

Moses Abubakar (moses_abubakar) | 3 comments I read books and I know there are many outside who read in Nigeria. I read like an average of two books every month.

message 4: by Kaykay (new)

Kaykay Obi (kaykayobi) | 7 comments I do read. For this year I've set my reading target to one book a week.

I do buy books too. Now strict about lending out because I'm trying to create my own book montage.

message 5: by Somi (new)

Somi (somiekhasomhi) I use a kindle. I am a manic reader so it works for me. I buy ebooks sometimes from Amazon, I also download a lot of free books from the internet.

message 6: by C.M. (new)

C.M. Okonkwo (cmo29) | 4 comments Hello all,

If you love to read, then you should join in on the on-going book buffet. If you have ebook reading devices, then you should visit this website:

A lot of Authors are giving out their books for free until Saturday. Take advantage of the offer and share the information with friends and family.


message 7: by Asma'u (new)

Asma'u Shaheedah (shaheedah) | 1 comments I recently just published my book title solitude(a link to it on my page) and i was wondering the same thing. If i was to do a book launch a. would nigerians come? b. if they come would they read the book? c. if they read the book will they understand my message?(seeing as it is a collection of contemporary poetry)

message 8: by Kingsley (new)

Kingsley Edewor | 1 comments Of course Nigerians read,We just hardly talk about or publicize it until we meet a kindred spirit. For most of us, myself particularly, reading is a source of pleasure,escape,adventure,learning and romance.

message 9: by Jude (new)

Jude Tsavnande (justjude) | 1 comments Somi wrote: "I am a Nigerian, and I read.

A lot of us read. Do we buy books? that's another matter."

and i read too

message 10: by Demilade (new)

Demilade (demmiie) | 1 comments Well my friends and I love to read and we're Nigerians.. Getting new books makes me so happy. However, a lot of Nigerians do not like to read for some reason, I think it's laziness. A small percentage read though. xx

message 11: by Sifa (new)

Sifa Gowon (sifushka) I live in Nigeria and I read. I must confess that I started reading a little more enthusiastically when I got the Kobo app. It has been wonderful. As to doing a book launch...I did something similar but organized it more as an informal reading/discussion event with snacks in a cafe and it worked. Oh and byt he way, I'm an author...

message 12: by Remi (new)

Remi Roy | 3 comments I think Somi is right. I believe Nigerians read Do we buy books? Do we invest in them and encourage the writers and authors?

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