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Thanks to my fans

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David VanDyke Hello from the author. Thanks to all of you for doing me the courtesy of reading my book. I'd love to hear from you - tell me what you thought, like or did not liked. The great thing about ebooks is that I can fix errors, clarify passages, or just plain revise.

If you liked the book I'd appreciate a nice honest review on Amazon.

I am also currently revising the book to strengthen the love interest thread between Elise and Daniel, give Elise more time and depth, etc. I'm new to the writing game, ladies, but I can learn! And for you who like strong female leads, the second book, "The Demon Plagues," certainly has one in Sergeant Jill Repeth, USMC, as well as a continuation of the other characters in the book.

Thanks again, and keep reading!


David VanDyke It's funny to read what I wrote back then, and now it's all done. I've spent a fair amount of time rewriting and now there's about seven percent more book, and it's a lot better. Some logic gaps have been fixed, and I incorporated a lot of suggestions from fans. Thanks! My lovely wife is sending for a second proof and if everything looks good, the book should be ready on CreateSpace soon for those who want a print version. When I get it I am sure I will want to do a giveaway or three. Keep an eye out!

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