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ashleymarie Please delete the "." HTML format before you post. ALL dogs must be accepted by a mod before you role-play. Mod's characters don't need to be accepted. Please keep in mind that this is an advanced role-play and i would like to see a lot or words in your characters. Have fun! :)

Character Outline

<.b> Name:<./b>
<.b> Age:<./b>
<.b> Gender:<./b>
<.b>Position: <./b> see in Position/team topic
<.b> Rank:<./b> Very dominate, dominate, Respected, Average, Omega or pup

<.b> Appearance:<./b> WITH picture + 5 or more sentence description

<.b> Personality:<./b> 5 or more sentence description

<.b> Background History:<./b> 5 or more sentence description

<.b> Kin:<./b>
<.b> Crush:<./b>
<.b> Mate<./b> Please ask first
<.b> Other:<./b>

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Calix
Age: 3 years
Gender: Male
Position: 2nd left
Rank: Respected


Calix is a handsome husky with a light red coat. His fur is thick and wooly to protect him from the cold, harsh climate that he lives in. His chest, the back of his head, his underbelly, legs and undertail are covered in long white fur, whereas the rest of his body has a colouring of soft red. He has split eyes, meaning that each contains more than one colour. (view spoiler) Both of his eyes contain blue and brown. Calix is a well built dog, being strong and fast.

Calix is the type of dog who listens to no one. He will not be bossed around and makes sure that he's known. He can be quite arrogant and often thinks of himself as the centre of the universe, much to the distaste of basically everyone he comes across. He's sarcastic and isn't afraid to speak his mind. The problem with Calix is that he never knows when he has gone too far, often crossing the line with what he says and how he says it. He doesn't care about anyone and only befriends them in order to use them to his advantage. He has a bit of a twisted personality, like his eyes, it's split straight down the middle. On one side, he's sarcastic, funloving and funny, on the other, he's dark, brooding and evil. Calix trusts no one and will often interrogate someone if he wants to know the answer to something. His tough and dark exterior, however, is a shield that blocks his true personality. He's actually incredibly insecure and doesn't know how to express love, therefore, letting it show to no one. The reason for this is that Calix fears that his heart will only be broken if he lets his love be known. He masks his true self because he's ashamed of the dog he truly is, for reasons only apparent to him. Nobody in the team knows of his past and he intends on keeping it that way. He's a fantastic lier and can make even the most absurd of things seem real. Never trust a thing he says, that is a fact, however, he is the only one who knows that.

Calix was born as an only pup that would otherwise have been one of six. His mother died giving birth to him, so he and his father were left alone. His dad blamed Calix for the death of the rest of the family, out of anger and sorrow. To make matters worse, Calix was incredibly small so should have been one to die. It's a mystery how he survived. Soon after he was born, Calix's father left him alone to fend for himself.
Calix was born on a cold winter's night in an old car in a rubbish dump and outside, the wind and snow whipped past, meaning that almost all of the unfortunate creatures that had nowhere to go would have been in for almost certain death. Calix braved the night and was able to live through it, despite how hard it was.
Calix was found by a she-dog that could not have pups herself and she immediately talk him in, raising him as her own. She was like a mother to Calix and the only being he'd ever loved throughout his life. Saylie made sure to raise Calix and teach him everything she knew from living alone to hunting for food. He listened to every word that she ever uttered to him, cherishing his life with her.
One night, when Calix was around six months old, he and Saylie were wandering around in search of food and shelter for the night. They came to a river, having to cross over the railway lines to get there. The night itself was cold and windy, meaning that the two dogs had to take extra precautions in order to stay alive. They made it to the river and while Saylie searched for shelter, he foraged for food. Calix had just gathered a few things to eat and went in search of Saylie, when he was attacked. It happened so fast he couldn't do anything to protect himself before a large, rogue dog was on top of him and pinning him to the ground.
Saylie had just found the shelter and was about to call for Calix when she heard a commotion of snarls and growls. She knew that something had to be concerning Calix, so she raced to where he was. Being quite a large dog herself, Saylie was able to get the large dog off of Calix and she told him to run to the shelter while she fended off the dogs and she said she would join him later. Calix objected, but she pleaded with him, so he did what she asked. Saylie was able to fend them off for a while, but she knew that she wouldn't last long.
Calix made it to the shelter, a million thoughts shooting through his mind. His hunger and fatigue was forgotten while he waited for his adoptive mother to return. He waited long hours, never once falling asleep and he feared the worst when she was not back by sunrise. As Calix exited the den Saylie had found, he knew in the bottom of his heart that he would not like what he saw. He rounded the corner, and sure enough, the snow was stained in red and there were two mangled bodies in the midst of the sea of red. As Calix neared, he hoped with every ounce of his being that one of them would not be hers. His hopes were met short when he recognised the body closest to him as Saylie's.
Calix gave up after that. He mourned the loss of the only dog he had ever loved and the only mother he had ever known. He made sure that he buried her body, dragging her to the edge of the forest and digging a hole to place her at rest, despite how hard it was and how long it took. He re buried the hole, said his last words of love and thanks to Saylie and left, never again turning back.
Calix blamed himself for her death and has hated himself ever since, but he knows that he couldn't just throw away what she had given him and knew that she would want him to live a long time. For the both of them. He used the knowledge Saylie had passed onto him to keep himself alive, but as winter settled in, the food and shelter options grew scarce. He grew so weak that he could no longer support the weight of his body on his legs, so just collapsed and waited for death to carry him away. At least now, he would see Saylie again on the other side. This was when Anna found the pup and took him in, coaxing him back to health. She had planned on just keeping him as a pet, but he grew to be an impressive sled dog. She decided to let him on the team and, since the previous 1st left had passed on not too long ago, she appointed Calix to the empty position. He has always vowed to avenge Saylie's death, but is happy being a part of the sled dog team for now. Maybe one day he'll come across those dogs again. That will be when he seeks his revenge.

Saylie (Adoptive mother, deceased)
Harley (Father, unknown)
Dora (Mother, deceased)
Five unnamed siblings (Deceased)

Crush: Open
Mate: Open

Other: Calix wears a green bandanna around his neck.

**Note that I copied him from another group because I love him! :3

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ashleymarie Accepted

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Name: Mango
Age: 3 months
Gender: Female
Rank: Juvenile/ Puppy
Position: In training for 5th right.

Mango has a unique coloring, She's all white with a cream color on her ears and a little bit around her upper face. Mango has a mud brown nose that looks kind of orange. She got her name Mango because when they first got her they found her inside a Mango crate eating all the Mangos. She Anna thought that would be a appropriate name for her. Mango has brownish Blue eyes that will always get everyones attention, You can always see the curiosity in her eyes. Mango also has a small about of brown around her lips which makes her look like she is wearing lipstick. She has a red collar that goes good with her cream and white coat.

Mango as an adult

Mango tends to put the needs of others over her own needs. She has strong sense of responsibility and duty. She values traditions and security. Interested in helping others in need. Mango needs positive reinforcement to feel good about herself. She's has a very well-developed sense of space and function. Mango is also quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work (very curious). She;s a big risk-taker who likes live for the moment. She's very interested in and talented at extreme sports (Sled dog racing). She's Uncomplicated in her desires. Mango is very Loyal to her peers and to her internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. She's detached and analytical, she's excel at finding solutions to practical problems. Mango is also friendly, adaptable, action-oriented. She focused on immediate results. Mango is always living in the here-and-now, She lives a very fast-paced lifestyles. She's Impatient with long explanations.


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shay arabella (missesshay) | 2 comments Name: Ammy
Age: 3 Years Old
Gender: She-Dog, Female
Position: Lead Dog
Rank: Very Dominate
Appearance: white wooly husky Pictures, Images and Photos [image error] White Husky Pictures, Images and Photos

Ammy is a small slender beautiful snow white she-dog. She was bred and bulit for her beauty and speed. Her legs are long and skinny, along with her muzzle. Around her nose its a soft shell pink, as is the inside of her ears. Her fangs are long and sharp for tearing through tough meat and attacking. She has wolflike ears that are very perky and large, though her paws are quite small and the pads are a soft pink. Her tail is long, soft and fluffly, well, her whole coat is. Ammy is shorter then most other husky, this is because she was born the runt and as always been the smallest. Her eyes are a soft icey blue that sparkle in the sunlight husky dog. Pictures, Images and Photos

Personality: Ammy is your mixed personality kind of she-dog. She can be very rude but also sweet. Most of the time, shes very nice and gentle, but she does have those days when shes rude and serious. Even though shes nice mostly, you still need to watch or mouth and steps cause she has sharp fangs and isnt afraid to use them. Ammy can be really protective with her belongings and mostly her sled team. Shes also very smart, swift, quite, and active. Though, Ammy can be very funny and playful sometimes, but its rare. Ammy has a smart mouth and sharp tongue, meaning she can come up with the most harsh comebacks against someone else usually. She isnt afraid to speak up and become leader, well, she is lead dog. Shes very ehlpful for those in need, and is very caring and gentle. So, just watch your step and you'll be on Ammy's good side.

Background History: Ammy has a history of any other husky pretty much, wild. Ammy was sadly born the runt of the litter and the youngest, meaning she was born in a litter of four. She was always treated like she wasnt the best, they didnt treat her like a peice of the trash but they did raise her rudely. Of course she was trained the way of the wild, hunting, fighting, defending. But, she always thought she was the least favorite and felt lonelym just because she was the runt. It felt like her brother and sister were the most proud and strongest of them all. Ammy finally made a desison, her parents would talk about her grandparents, she heard that her nana(her mother's mother) was still alive and was a very proud sled dog, and she wasnt to far from where they were. So once night, Ammy told herself that she would go and find her Nana, in which she did, she ran away, survived the hardships, but happily made it to her Nana's home and her sled team. Her Nana, known as Skylaar, trained her to become a sled dog, and most importantly a lead dog. Ammy grew up with her Nana, so Skylaar was like a real mother to her. Ammy was shattered when she got separted from Skylaar. It was when the humans found out about her talented training of being a sled dog. Of course when Ammy was sold she was already a very well-trained sled dog, she quickly became the lead dog, she had sled dog and lead dog in her blood. Ammy was still very upset about her separtion from Skylaar, but survived and is now a very talented lead dog for this wonderful team.

Crush: None(Open)
Mate Nope(Open)

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ashleymarie Wow! Good job! Accepted!

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ashleymarie Name: Ajax
Age: 3 Years old
Gender: Male
Position: Left wheel
Rank: Very dominate


Ajax's is a mostly all white Siberian Husky. He has a very light cream color around his upper face, neck and all down his back. It’s also mixed with a sliver texture around his ears and down his ears making him look like he has sideburns. Its also goes all the way around his neck, but not touching the silver color bellow his ears. Just like the cream color the silver goes down his whole back and down his tail giving his back and upper face a white, cream and silver tone to it. He has bright blue eyes with black outline around them. His nose is all black as well.

Ajax is assertive and outspoken - He's are driven to lead. He has an excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions. Ajax is very Intelligent and well-informed, he usually is excel at public speaking (doesn't really like to talk that much) . He values knowledge and competence and usually have little patience with inefficiency or disorganization. Ajax's is also serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. He's extremely thoughtful responsible and dependable. He's interested in supporting his team and is willing to do anything to help. Ajax is always Well-organized and a hard working dog that never gives up on challenges. He can usually accomplish any task once he has set his mind to it. Ajax's is fun and loving, He tends make things more fun for others by his enjoyment and excitement over things. Ajax's is always living for the moment. He a big risk-taker who lives a face placed lifestyle. Ajax's love new experiences, He's a dog that pretty much get along with every other dog, unless they threaten him then he will show his dominance. He's normally respect of the leader and very loyal, But it it interferes in him getting doing done then he wont fallow the laws. He's very brave and smart.

As a puppy Ajax always took a big interest in sled dog race. He would always watch his father and mother run in the front of the line. He was always watching them from a distance. When he got older he would always find big mountains to run up and train himself. He would always watch his mother and father lead the sled in the big races. Sadly on a warm day in the ididarod race his mother and father where crossing a lake and the ice broke. Anna did everything she could in her power to save them but, it was to late they both ended up killed. After that Ajax's was scared of racing. He never would go close to the sled, Anna had no chose but to sell him but how could she? She loved him too much. After a while Ajax's got use to the sled again and started training with the new bunch of dogs that Anna got to train. From this point on Ajax's is no longer scared of racing and loves what he does deom the bottom of his heart.

Chief (Father, Decreased )
Chloe (Mother, Decreased)
Bullet (Brother)
*Bullet is open for creation*

Crush: None yet
Mate: Open

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