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What if you were part of Kat's "Family"? This is RP for the Heist Society series.

Kristen | 34 comments Mod
The red beams stretched across the room, separating me from my goal. I was so close, and yet so far away. As of yet, everything in the heist had gone as planned, which tends to make a girl very nervous. Either we were great planners, or the museum's security system wasn't nearly as good as we thought. And now I had run into the fault in our plan. Laser beams. Most people would think, you're a thief, of course you know how to weave your way through a laser field. Let me tell you now, it's a lot harder than it looks in the movies. It's not like gymnastics, it's not just flexibility, it's being THE gymnast, and THE most flexible.

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(How does someone rp them selfs in this?)

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Rachel Rachel sat in the parking lot across the street from the building, typing away on her computer. She had the layout with Kristen's location up on one screen, and had the security camera's up on two or three others. Reaching up to the earpiece, she contacted Kristen. "Why did you stop?"

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Lizbeth wrote: "(How does someone rp them selfs in this?)"

Just make a character and either make a separate storyline or join in on the existing one.

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