Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, #1) Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging question

girls; what do u think off angus, thongs and perfect snogging?
Matt.david El Matt.david Sep 24, 2012 12:39PM
girls; what do u think off angus, thongs and perfect snogging? iv watched it and thought it was ok. but I need to know ure ideas of what u think of this book and/or film? my names matt btw*. (*by the way)

robbie was PERFECT!!!!

I read the whole collection of these books a few years ago but haven't got round to watching the film yet.

I must say I found them hilarious in places, and they were such an easy, quick, fun read. I would say they were definately worth the read :)

I started reading this serie when I was about the same age as Georgia... The whole serie is hilarious, super fresh and witty at the same time ! And the characters (Georgia, Dave, Libbye, and Angus - of course !- were more than endearing and lovable !) I would definitely recommend theses books for every teenagers and more !

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read all 11! and guilty of lurrvin em and i ended up talking like georgia for a while tho not as much now but i do still do it!! the film is so different to the books but they are hilarious !

i liked this book. i read it for my book group and it was funny and i enjoyed it.
diddnt have any complaints (:
im actually going to read the other ones . : D

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I'm not usually one for romantic books, but this one was bloody hilarious! I loved reading this book :) It's worth the trouble for a crackup session.

I adore these books. They are so funny and cute.

I read this series a few years ago and loved it! Caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times hehe.

I found the books really funny. I have read up to book 7, but after that found them a little repetitive and got a little bored.

They are quite good, but I don't think they would really appeal to anyone but a teenage girl, or wouldn't seem quite as good. It does make you laugh at loud though, and they are the most popular books at our library- seriously the pages are so worn down.

It's not exactly high-caliber literature, but it's great for a laugh that doesn't require much thinking. Everyone needs one of those occasionally.

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the books are so good! i love how fun it is always something different in each one. georgia is so funny and i could read them over and over.

not the best book. didn't really like it but, funny

I loved the books but sorry to say I HATED the love interests! My favourite was Robbie and that will never change. *sniffs* even if you do Georgia!

Read the whole series and it is hilarious! Would rank it as one of my favourite books. So many times I laughed out loud, so many funny scenes. Enjoyed the movie although its fairly different from the book.

I havn't read the book yet, but own it and the movie was okay.

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The books were good, but kinda annoying. I loved the movie, Dave the Laugh is my fave <3 :)

The movie is nothing like the books. It leaves out a lot of things and some of the events are out of order. The books are cute and humorous and a good read if you're looking for something light and funny.

The books are hilarious!!! I didn't know about a movie. I think I will leave it to my imagination and not watch the movie.

The book was really good, it was witty and easy to read however I though the film was awful. After reading the books I was really disappointed, the movie is awkward and cringe-worthy nothing like the funny and flirty style of the books.

I loved the book, it's hilarious I loves all the characters Georgia, Robbie and her friends. But I like how girls it was I thought it was very funny

I love these books! I read them all when I was going through a terrible break up and I swear they got me through it far quicker. Funny funny funny and nice to be reminded that 14 or 40, we don't change much.

READ THE BOOKS THEY ARE THE BEST-honestly they are sooo funny! love them all!!!!

I read this series years ago and i loved it. but i have never been interested in seeing the show or movie.

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some things are different in the movie, but its a good book. i enjoyed the first 3 but after that they get kinda boring, in my opinion. the movie is the first and second one combined.

deleted user It's must be the third too, cos she doesn't have her 15th birthday party even in the second one. (p.s. I haven't read any others than 1&2 so I don't k ...more
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Juliya really?.. but she does have somekind of birthday party right? i dont remember because i read it a while ago
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well i watched the movie and loved it but when i found out there are books i started to read them..
they were kinda confusing i guess thats because i watched the movie first. but i really am enjoing the books.

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