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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments Done!

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((Cool beans!))

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments aha! im new to this so i dont know what to do, so who's your charrie?

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((If you look at the Male Charries topic, its the newest one, Travis Baker. SO, we can either have them know each other or not?))

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments okay i'll look

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sounds good. Did you make a charrie??

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments can i just make it here? or do i have to put it in the girls characters?

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I would put it in the girls section so that way anybody can see it. We aren't a 1x1 group so you might talk to other people later, if this group ever really gets back on it's feet.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments haha okay thanks x

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No problem

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments ive done she's called Sophia Marie Jackson x what should happen then?

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Okay. So like let her be at her house and Trav. can be like outside or something b/c their neighbors??

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments How about he brakes down in front of her house?

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starting now:

Travis drove along, quite slowly as his car was making some funky noises. He was realitivly far from his house and not at all prepared for a broken car. He cussed loudly when it finally would not drive and got out, annoyed.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments Sophia pottered around in her kitchen stiring her cup of tea. she expected her mom to call soon to tell her she wouldnt be coming home and that she had to much work. like always.

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Trav leaned on the hood of the car, already hot a bit in jeans from the hot weather. He had no idea what was wrong with it, and resigned to going up to a stranger's house for help.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments Sophia heard a knock on the door and rushed to answer it. that couldnt be her mom? could it? she was suprised to see a good looking boy leaning against her door slightly sweating, which made his skin gleam in a georgeous way. "hello?" she mumbled

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments ???

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"Hey. Look, My car just bombed on me and I've no way home. You think you could help?" Travis looked down at the cute girl whom had answered the door. He smiled sheepishly and looked from her face to his converse clad feet.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "uh, sure, what do you need?" she asked then smiled.

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Travis shook his head, "I have no idea. I'm awful with this sort of thing." He slides his hands into his pockets, mildly embarrassed.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "let me have a look, my cousin was a mecanic and i used to help out sometimes" she rumerged round her garrage and found her fathers old tools."which one's your car" she smiled

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments ??????

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Travis spun around and followed her out. He pointed to a small blue mini cooper convertible. "That's my girl. Her name is Allie." Trav laughs and leans against it.

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((Sorry my web browser is awful.))

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "You name your car's?" she laughed in a playful way, she pulled up the bonnet and saw the problem straight away. The battery was flat.

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"Of course, don't you?" Travis says in mock confusion, peering over her shoulder. "I like yelling at her and stuff."

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "poor Allie, she must get a mouthfull" she laughed
" your batterys dead. your 'gonna need to replace it. I can call a mechanic if you want?" she looked up at him through big blue eyes.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments ??

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Travis smiled at her, "Sure. I don't have much a choice, huh?" He crossed his arms and leaned back, taking her in. "I'm Travis, by the way."

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "Sophia, i get called Soph" she held out her oil covered hand.

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Travis shrugged inwardly and took her hand anyways. "Nice to meet ya, Soph."

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments she smiled at him and said "i'll go call the mechanic, it will probley be a while so why dont you go in and sit down?" she pulled out her phone and started speaking to the mechanics.

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Travis followed her inside, trying to be quite so she could finnish her phone call quickly.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "Yeah,it is going to be a while" she said to him " is there anything you want?soda?water?cookies?"

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Travis shrugs, "I'll have whatever you are." He hates to impose, but is a bit hungry.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments she smiles and goes into the kitchen,she knew when boys were lying,it was one of her many talents. She came back with a plate of cookie's and a can of lemonade and placed them down in front of him "Voila" she laughed. her phone rang and she saw it was her mom."I gotta take this" she said and walked back into the kitchen.

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Travis grinned and leaned foreward taking about 3/4 of the cookies and scarfing them down before she can return. He sips at the lemonade, which was of course great while leaning into the couch.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments when she comes back she had a sad look on her face.

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Travis tries to ignore he down expression, but finally plucks up the courage to ask, "What's wrong?"

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "just my mom being her usual self" she said as she sat down next to him

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"And what self is that?" Travis asks, trying to be helpful. He figures this could be a sort of exchange if he could help her.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "just always seems to busy with work to speak to her only child"she said then laughed

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Travis raises his eyebrows, not laughing. "Sucks." He comments, hoping to at least keep Sophia company.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "yeah,sucks" she answered

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Trav nodded and wondered what to say, after a long silence, he askes, "How old are you?"

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments "18, you?" she said

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"Almost 19." Travis says proudly, winking.

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☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 72 comments she softly laughs and says " do you live with your parents?"

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"Not really. Sort of trying to move out." Travis admits.

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