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Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) I'm going to shove some really odd things I run across (no, not sex toys or rated XXX stuff -- although I did run across a book for creating your own homemade ...).

Feel free to share your own.

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Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) I seriously consider doing most craft ideas I run across--even if crafts I don't normally do or am unskilled. Every now and then, some are just too much for even me to consider.

Here's one craftgossip just posted to facebook -- upcycling cinder blocks. I think maybe I'm just predisposed to not think of cinder blocks as anything arty but the weight and texture just do not appeal to me:

cinder blocks

If appeals to you or curious, article noted at

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Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) And, I will be posting a lovely photo here (when I find it again in my facebook album) of a needlepointed fly swatter. I mean, gee, even if I could bear the idea of hours of stitching being used to smash up bugs -- knowing how hard the splatted bug bits and guts would be to clean out of most yarn/fibers used would be a big turnoff. And I'd feel really bad if had been a gift from someone...

flyswatter colorflyswatter

Oddly, if you have trouble finding the "T" shaped pins for blocking stuff in your neck of the woods in regular craft and needlework stores -- try the RC aircraft and train hobby stores. They seem to always have.

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