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message 1: by Laura Crosse (new)

Laura Crosse Hi! My name is Laura I'm 24, from Ireland and love to read. I will read almost anything but I do love the fantasy genre more than others as I just love to escape into completely different worlds.

I'm due my first baby in a few weeks and while I'm ridiculously excited about meeting my bump one of the things worrying me most is will I have any time for reading anymore?!

Oh and Ireland is the best country in the whole entire world by the way....:)

message 2: by Lynda (new)

Lynda | 19 comments Hi Laura,
I have to say having a baby did change my reading, mostly the effect was i fell asleep on a book every night!!, but it certainly didn't stop me opening a book every day and you get to pass on the joy of reading to your child and that can only be a gift :)
welcome to the group and best of luck with the new baby :))

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Welcome to the group, Laura.

I hope you have great time with us. Congratulations with little 'un. I'm sure it'll eat in to your reading time, but one of things I always enjoyed about books is that they're always ready for you when you finally get back to them.

@Laura. I second those sentiments. I always encourage my brothers and sisters to read. My brother Dylan who is 14, now, would easily read 30+ YA books in a year.

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