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How to group genres/shelves?

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message 1: by Imix (new)

Imix | 4 comments For example there should be groups:

* paper
* kindle

Lang/Language in ISO 639-1 format:
* en
* fr
* pl
* ru

Standard genre:
* science-fiction
* romance
* history
* horror
* humor
* thriller

message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments What are you asking exactly?

Lianne (The Towering Pile) Lavoie (liannelavoie) | 35 comments I believe he's saying that he wants his shelves listed, rather than alphabetically, by grouping. In other words, all his genre shelves together, language shelves together, format shelves together, etc.

Since this is a feature request, and not something librarians can do, it would be better asked in the Goodreads Feedback Group.

message 4: by Imix (new)

Imix | 4 comments Thank you Lianne, I found dedicated topic at Goodreads Feedback Group :)

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