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Favorite Rose and Adrian Moment?*contains spoilers, maybe for whole series*

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Hey so someone originally posted a topic like this, but about Rose and Dmitri well I thought it was such a fun topic so I just wondered if anyone had any favorite Rose and Adrian moments? My fave?
When Rose is leaving at the end of Shadow Kissed and she comes to Adrian for money. He was so vulnerable and we finally saw that he loved her, that it was real for him. I finally saw the real Adrian and yep, I fell in love.

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Gabby Quote (I'll just let them do the talking):

"Rose is in red,
But never in blue,
Sharp as a thorn,
Fights like one too."


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Firefly_Lili My fave moment is at the end of Blood Promise when Rose returns to St. Vladimirs and Adrian asks her out. She tells him to write a proposal and he agrees to do it.
I made me laugh. I just love Adrian ^^

S.L.J. "Look, Adrian didn't have anything to do with this. Not intentionally. It was Tatiana's idea—and she hasn't even actually done anything yet. It's just her long-term plan—hers alone, not his."

"Then how did you know about it?" demanded Christian.

"Because she told me—she was afraid that I was moving in on Adrian."

"Really? Did you defend our love?" Adrian asked.

"Be quiet,"

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