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Ciara  | 251 comments Kayla sat down on the sofa and flicked on the TV.
"I'm home, Grandma!" she yelled. The sound of Lucinda's laugh made it's way into the main room.
"Haha. I know; I heard you. Rough day?" Kayla nodded.
"Mmm. Anyway, where's Em and Grandpa?"

Lucinda smiled. "They went down to the shop to buy a few things, that's all. What would you like for dinner?" she questioned
Kayla shrugged, tousling her hair a little. "I don't mind. Whatever you have'd be nice, thanks," she said with a small smile.

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Ciara  | 251 comments Lucinda patted Kayla's shoulder and walked back to the kitchen.
It looked like Emily and Greg were going to be a while, and Tristain was busy at his part-time job for the rest of the evening, so Kayla figured she might as well head out for a while.

"Call me when dinner's ready, Grandma!" she yelled, and she picked up her jacket. Then, she waved to her grandmother and clambered out of the boat.

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