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Hi, I'm Vanessa. I'm living in Australia now, but I was living in Ireland for three and a half years from the end of 2006. I'm a writer, and have been writing bits and pieces of my years in Dingle An Daingean into my books. My first novel is being published next year and has a character from An Daingean who emigrated to Australia when she was eight. Like me, she can't get the beauty of the countryside out of her head. I love Irish literature, and am so glad to have found a group that shares my interests.

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Welcome, Vanessa. I love Kerry, but I've never made the trip as far as Dingle. It's doubly shameful as I have two friends living there for the past two years and they often ask me to visit.

Good luck with the release of your novel. I hope it's very successful. From what you've said it sounds like it will have a lot of yourself in it. Am I right in presuming so?

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